Karaoke FAQ

FL Karaoke FAQ

 General Rules

  • Every league member (performer) must be 21 years of age or older and have read and agreed to the FL Karaoke rules and waiver of liability.
  • Performers must wear his or her team FL Karaoke t-shirt while performing, but may wear costumes so long as the team t-shirt is still visible. If a performer fails to wear his or her FL Karaoke t-shirt, the player will receive a score of zero (0) for his or her performance. The shirt can be incorporated into the costume.
  • All FL Karaoke league members must abide by all laws regarding alcohol consumption. Further, all rules of the host establishment shall be strictly enforced. Rowdy, disrespectful, violent or otherwise problematic league members may be subject to disciplinary actions, including, but not limited to disqualification, suspension or expulsion from league activities.

League Structure

  • Each league shall be composed of minimum of four (4) teams of no more than four (4) performers per team.
  • Each team shall have at least one (1) male and one (1) female performer.
  • One (1) team member shall act as “team manager,” assuming responsibility for submitting weekly song lists and submitting requests for substitution or grievances. If a team manager cannot be present for any given week, he or she shall appoint another team member to act as manager for that week.


  • The regular season is four (4) weeks long followed one (1) additional week for the semi-final round and finals.
  • Each evening of FL Karaoke consists of two (2) to three (3) consecutive rounds of play depending on the size of the league. In the first and second rounds, a member of each team sings a solo. If the league size permits, guys will perform in one round and ladies in the other round.  In the third round, at least two (2) performers must sing as a “group.”
  • Each team will need to have a minimum amount of performers show up each week. (Minimum number will be determined by the average team size) If a team does not have the minimum amount of performers then the ones present will still perform for their points however the team will be docked points based on how many players are missing. See scoring section for more info.
  • Every performer must perform at least two (2) times per season. Group performances are counted towards this total. Exceptions may be made if they are communicated to a FL Karaoke representative in advance (i.e., if a performer drops out, is unresponsive, etc.).
  • Prior to the beginning of the first round, the team manager shall provide a list of performers and their chosen songs to the Karaoke representative.

○   In the event that two teams choose the same song to perform on the same night, the performers may engage in one (1) round of rock-paper-scissors for the opportunity to sing the contested song. The losing team must choose a different song by the start of the second round but cannot substitute the performer. They will be moved to the end of the round to sing to permit time to select a new song. If they have not submitted an eligible song by their time up they will lose five points off their nightly score for each minute they are late in getting their songs submitted.
If the songs are provided to the representative in advance they will attempt to confirm the Karaoke DJ has them in the library. If not you will be notified in advance if at all possible to choose a new song.
○   If the song list is not received within five (5) minutes of the start of the first round, the team will collectively lose five (5) points for every minute they are late in providing their song list.

  • No song may be performed twice in any one season. A list of songs that have already been performed shall be shared on the FL Karaoke blog and sent via email to all performers.
  • In the case of technical difficulty, the team experiencing the problem will be shifted to the end of the round order and may select a new song. The new song may be one already selected by another team.
  • If a team member is prevented from performing, the FL Karaoke representative must be contacted via email with the reason for substitutions. Substitutions may be considered for, but are not limited to, events resulting from the injury, sudden illness, family emergency, or work-related emergency of that team member. Should a substitution be approved, the substitute must perform the same song that the original performer planned to sing.
  • Under no circumstances will heckling be permitted. If a complaint is received about any league member showing unsportsmanlike conduct, they will receive one (1) warning. If the inappropriate behavior continues, that performer’s team will receive a score of zero (0) during that round. If the problem continues after that, the individual(s) will be banned from the FL Karaoke and the division bar, without any refund of his or her registration fee.
  • Distractions - When someone is performing, please give them your attention. Excessive talking will result in a warning. A 2nd warning will result in a 10 point deduction. This also applies to singing along loudly with the performer. This is their moment to shine, not yours.

·         THEME NIGHTS- To add even more interest to the already fascinating experience, we will also involve theme nights. This will range from 80's music to country songs and hip hop to Disney/musical. The goal of the league is not to find the best singers in the city but rather the most well rounded performers. 

  • FL Karaoke reserves the right to permanently ban songs once determined that no one can sing them well or they’re just too darn long and it’s just not worth the pain. For that reason, the following songs are currently banned: Free Bird, Stairway to Heaven and Paradise by the Dashboard Light.


  • Judges will rate performers on a 1-5 scale based on how well they:

○   “Sing It” (musicality) – The impression made by the performer in a strictly auditory sense.
○   “Bring It” (showmanship) – The effect of the performer made on the voter, judged on the look, presence, movement and fun presented.

  • Individual scores will be the totals for the two categories above added together for each judge/card to get the total then divided by the number of judges/judge cards.. For group songs the group will be scored as 1 player) The performer with the highest average score will be declared the winner for that round. In the event of a tie, co-winners will be declared for the round. The winner of each round will not be announced until the end of final round.  Example - Judge 1 gives first performer a 2 for "sing it" and a 4 for "bring it" giving a total of 6, Judge two gives a 3 and 2 total of 5, and judge three gives a 2, and a 4 total of 6. Add the 3 judge totals, 6+5+6=17 divided by total judges/cards (3) performer's score for that performance is 5.6 (we do this to try to balance and not put the emphasis on singing alone as we want everyone to have a chance regardless of singing ability)  ExEEE     Wedo
  • To determine the team score, all of the performer's scores for each team will be totaled and divided by the number of performers for the individual team. Ideally we will have all teams the same size however that may not always be the case. The group will also count as a performer so if for instance you have a team of 4 your team will be the total of your 4 solo scores, plus your group song score, divided by 5 (4 solo performers and 1 group)
  • If a team does not have the minimum performers required they will be docked as follows: A team is missing performers with the average team size at 4, and only has two players show, those two will be scored under the normal scoring parameters, however the team's overall score will be divided by the minimum required player total. (Performer 1 score plus performer 2 score, divided by 4) Again, minimum will be determined based on size of the league. 
  • The team with the highest averaged score for the evening will be declared that week’s winner. The winning team will be awarded 10 points for first place, 8 points for second place, 6 points for third place, 4 points for fourth place, 2 point for fifth place and 1 points for sixth place. (This may change depending on the amount of teams.)
  • In the event of a tie, the team with the highest total score from any one round will be declared the winning team. If this fails to settle the tie, then a tie will be declared and both teams will receive points for that finishing place. 


  • At the conclusion of the regular season, the team standings will be used to determine each team’s playoff rank and will be used to seed each team.
  • Playoffs will last one (1) week.
  • In the semifinal round, teams will face off head-to-head. The first place, or highest scoring, team will play the sixth place, or lowest scoring, team, the second place team will play the fifth place team, and the third place team will play the fourth place team.
  • In the final round, the winners of the semifinal round face-offs will compete for first, second and third places. The losers of the semifinal face-offs will compete for fourth, fifth and sixth places. Final placement will be determined by the scores achieved in the semifinal and final rounds.
  • In both the semifinal round and finals, each team will have two (2) solo performances and one (1) group performance.
  • During the semifinal round and finals, performers may sing a song that had been sung during the regular season. However, if a song is performed during the semifinal round, it cannot be performed during the finals.
  • The team manager must submit songs in accordance to the regular season rules, as described in the Gameplay section of these rules.
  • In the event of a tie, the team managers from each team will face-off, each with a song of their own choosing and a vote will take place.


  • If any team or team member believes another team or team member has violated a FL Karaoke rule, the team manager should inform a FL Karaoke representative before the winners are announced at the end of the evening. Violations raised before the end of the evening will be investigated and taken into account in the scoring of that round.
  • If a team member discovers that another team or team member has violated one of these rules after the winners are announced, the team manager has 48 hours to inform a FL Karaoke representative via email. Emailed grievances will be investigated, and, if deemed necessary, may result in action against the offending team or team member in the following week. However, no adjustment to the previous week’s scores will be permitted as a remedy.
  • No grievance may be filed against any FL Karaoke representative regarding scoring or the winners.

These rules may be altered or amended at any time, with or without notice, by FL Karaoke staff.