This list of policies are specific to this WAKA LA Dodgeball league and are just as important as the rules for the game.
  1. We will call games if it is raining. The balls become heavy and dangerous.
  2. 15 players is the max on the field at once. You can field any smaller amount than that. (DODGEBALL ONLY)
  3. A team must have at least 4 girls and 4 guys on the roster plus a total of at least 12 players.
  4. A team can not have more than 11 players of one sex on the field at once. The other 4 spots are for the other sex regardless if there are in attendence or not.
  5. Arguing with refs is not allowed and will not be tolerated. The refs are out there trying to do the best they can and want to make fair calls. 
  6. Cheating will not be allowed and we will kick players out of the league who are known to cheat. If you get hit, go out the game.
  7. Shaggers must roll the ball to the back of the court to whatever side the ball stopped on. Do not throw it to the other team by mistake. (DODGEBALL ONLY)
  8. Teams playing can not shag balls for their teammates in the backcourt. (DODGEBALL ONLY)
  9. The largest margin of victory is ten points.
  10. HAVE FUN!