1st 2 seasons - Rules

  1. All players start off and hit their ball from the tee box before anyone takes a second shot unless the next player wants someone to finish because another player's ball might be blocking their shot.
  2. Any ball that is hit by another ball must be placed back in it's original position. The ball that was in motion before contact must be played where it lies.
  3. The player closest to the hole shoots until they make it. Play continues in that order so that whoever is closest to the hole shoots until they finish.
  4. The max you can shoot on a hole is 6. If it is your 5th shot, you might as well try to sink it.
  5. A ball may go out of bounds or skip the water and as long as it lands back on the hole you are on, it is ok.
  6. A ball that goes out of bounds, is put back where it went out with a one stroke penalty. Example: Your first shot goes flying past the hole and goes straight out of bounds behind the hole. You would place the ball on the green nearest where it went out of bounds. You are now shooting your third shot.
  7. If the ball is touching the wall, you are allowed to move it away just the length of the putter head to give you some room to strike the ball.
  8. No mulligans. A mulligan is taking back your last shot and doing it over.
  9. With 7 weeks of games, we will take your best 4 scores for your grand total. Those who can't make 1 or 2 nights will not be penalized.
  10. It will be a shotgun start with 4 players per hole and you will know exactly where to go when the season schedule is out.
  11. If someone is not there, please mark them with a 5 for every hole they are not there for.
  12. There will be more than enough time for everyone to finish.
  13. The champion and two runners up will be crowned for the season at Shamrock on the last night. Big drumroll!