Individual Versus Rules


  1. Rock Paper Scissors to see who shoots 1st on the opening hole.
  2. Whoever won the last hole, goes first.
  3. The first player finishes the hole before the 2nd one shoots.
  4. This is match play so you count up how many holes you won. If your oppenent hits a hole in one, you have one shot to keep them from winning the hole.


  1. We will keep stats every week.
  2. 2 loses and you are eliminated.
  3. If you are not there, it is a loss for the night.
  4. Once someone has a bigger score lead than the amount of holes left, it is over.
  5. If it is tied after 18 holes, sudden death happens and you go back to the first hole you started on.


  1. The max you can shoot on a hole is 6.
  2. A ball may go out of bounds or skip the water and as long as it lands back on the hole you are on, it is ok.
  3. A ball that goes out of bounds, is put back where it went out with a one stroke penalty. Example: Your first shot goes flying past the hole and goes straight out of bounds behind the hole. You would place the ball on the green nearest where it went out of bounds. You are now shooting your third shot.
  4. If the ball is touching the wall, you are allowed to move it away just the length of the putter head to give you some room to strike the ball.
  5. No mulligans. A mulligan is taking back your last shot and doing it over.
  6. The final night will have the championship match for all to see.
  7. The champion, 2nd, and 3rd place will be crowned for the season at Shamrock on the last night. Big drumroll!