League Policies

  1. You must be 21 to play.
  2. No outside food or drinks are allowed. Those who break this rule will be asked to leave.
  3. No smoking anywhere inside the gate. You can smoke outside the front door by the benches.
  4. Drinks are allowed on the course, but please throw them away.
  5. Beer and wine will be sold on site.
  6. Snacks will be sold on site.
  7. Stay out of the water features. There are nets out there to retrieve the balls.
  8. Do not climb on rails or ropes.
  9. Please pick up your trash.
  10. If you have a question about doing something that is not clarified in these policies, please email sgaubert@kickball.com.
  11. Please do not anything that will make us have to create another rule!  :)