Dodgeball Rules

WAKA Dodgeball Rules
The Basics

  1. Matches last 25 minutes and there is no limit on games.
  2. The team who wins the most games in that 25 minute period wins the match.
  3. A game is won when one team eliminates each of the other players on the opposing team.
  4. Teams switch sides after every game.
  5. Games are played with 6 balls.
  6. There is a maximum of 10 players on the floor for each team at the start of each game.
  7. Round 3 of every match is a ladies only round.
  8. A team can't start more than 7 male players. 
  9. Rosters are capped at 15 players with no more than 11 guys. 10 is the min for a team with 3 of each sex.
  10. Active roster players must play in their CLUBWAKA issued team shirt.

Beginning Play

  1. 6 balls are placed on the center line of the court.
  2. All players from each team get behind their own end line.
  3. When the ref signals play, all players enter the court.
  4. Each team can only grab three balls that are on their right hand side of the court.
  5. Once the balls are grabbed by each team, they must back up to the attack line before throwing. If you throw early, it is a dead ball awarded to the other team. 

Getting Out and Getting In

  1. A player is OUT when:
    1. They are hit by a thrown ball below the head, and the ball hits the ground.
    2. Their thrown ball is caught by an opposing player.
    3. Out of bounds. You are allowed to step on the line, but if any part of your body touches the ground past the line.
    4. A thrown ball hits an opponent’s ball in their hand, causing it to become loose and hit the ground.
    5. Their foot crosses the mid court line in any way.
  2. A player is in when:
    1. At the start of each round for 10 players.
    2. A teammate catches an opponent’s ball and you were in the waiting line.

The Waiting Line
A line must be formed outside the field of play to the right of the field. This allows the teams to know who is next to join the game, when a ball is caught. This line includes anyone not in the original 10 starters. You can not enter the game from the same caught ball that just hit you.

A thrown ball can be blocked with another ball only if the player maintains possession throughout the strike. If the player drops the ball, they are out.

  1. A deflected ball is still live until it hits the ground and all rules still apply.
  2. It is possible for one throw to take out two or more players.
  3. If a ball deflects off of one player and a second player catches it, the first one is out and the thrower is also out.
  4. A deflected ball that goes back in the air to the throwing team's side is a dead ball. At that point, a catch or a drop is meaningless.

Each team is responsible for shagging balls when they are not playing. The balls must be rolled back into play on the side it stops on.

Head shots
Head shots are not ok only unless the person struck was ducking down bending their knees. A flinch of the head does is not considered ducking. Head shots cause a dead ball and no one can catch it or go out if struck.

  1. No team can control 4 or more balls at once. That team must make a legitimate effort to get an opponent out within 5 seconds. If they do not, a penatly card will be issued. The refs will count down.
  2. The last person left on the team can not control more than 3 balls at once.
  3. If you are out, you must get out quickly. Those who intentionally stall, will be penalized at the ref's discretion. If a player walking off the field intentionally delays or pops the ball up, he will be penalized and the ball is now considered dead.
  4. If a player who is out gets hit by a ball while walking off the field, this is still considered a live ball because it is the player’s responsibility to exit out of the field quickly. Therefore, if the ball deflects off the eliminated player and hits another, both players are considered out. We suggest you get out quick to help your team.
  5. Teams can not place balls on the other side. Balls must be thrown and must go at least 10 feet into the opponents side. The ref has the discretion to kick balls deeper into the opponents side if a player throw or drops a ball short that lands within 10 feet into the opponents side.

Arguing Calls

      1. Arguing calls is not tolerated. Those who are excessive will be warned then yellow carded. Bad apples will be kicked out the league.
        There is no overtime and ties can happen in the regular season.
Standings and Playoffs
1.   The playoff is a single elimination bracket.
2.   Each match will be the best of 7. This means the first team to win 4 rounds is the winner.
3.   Teams shall receive 1 point for a victory, 0.5 points for a tie, and -0.75 for a forfeit.
4.   Standings tie­breakers shall be determined in the following order:                                                       

  1. Head to head record
  2. Games lost
  3. Rounds lost