List of Games

Here is a list of the games with a short description or link. Please note that some games might change before we play. The rules might vary from the norm in order to speed up play and to make the learning curve quick so that everyone can play a large variety of games. We will update this page if anything changes. If there is neat game that goes along with this lineup, please do not be shy to contact to see if we can add your game.


1 Rollers I bet you have never played this one before.
2 Angry Birds This is real life angry birds. Your opponent will stack the lumber and you see how many throws it takes to knock that official little piggy down!
3 Murbles Care to play with our Murbles?
4 Bottle Bash This drink in hand game will be a hit!
5 Giant Checkers They are as big as your fist and there will be a king for each team to start.
6 V King What the hell is this?
7 Bud Light Cornhole This is a magical cornhole game.
8 Horseshoes Our guests Jimmy Fallon and Tim McGraw will show you how it's done.
9 Giant Yard Dice Small hands might not be able to hold these big boys:
10 Mega Soccer Ball How many kicks will it take you to get this big ball across the field?
11 Giant Lawn Bowling It's impossible to have perfect game with these pins!
12 Bocce Ball A beach classic!
13 Flickin Chicken This game will make you curse that darn flickin frickin chicken!
14 Fact or Crap This game will be played on a large scale. You will be the game piece!
You have to guess if the random statement is fact or.....that's right, crap!
15 Target Toss We will spray paint circles. Can you hit it?
16 Ladder Golf This has been around a few kickball tournaments.
17 Croquet Grab some tea and crumpets for this English classic.
18 Kan Jam This might be a hippy game!
19 Giant Cards These cards are bigger than your big watermelon head!
20 Your idea? Could be yours!!!  - Looking for one more awesome groundhog game! 
Will your idea be the lucky one we pick???