1. The games will be 5 innings or 45 minutes; whatever comes first. It is important for your team to show up on time!
  2. We will call the game if lightning is in the area or if we have issues with sunlight.
  3. Excessive arguing with refs is not allowed and will not be tolerated. The refs are out there trying to do the best they can and want to make fair calls. 
  4. Pick up your trash and keep the field areas clean.
  5. Do not speed in Fontainebleau State Park.
  6. The largest margin of victory is ten points.
  7. No "hands up rule" on overthrows. The home plate umpire will determine when the ball is considered an overthrow. The play will be called dead if the ball goes into an unsafe or unplayable area (ex: a ditch, under a car, under chairs, etc)
  8. Kickers must remain within a reasonable distance to the batters box, if lining up behind the batters box while kicking. It is at the umpires discretion to determine if the kicker is lined up "obnoxiously" far back. (ex: if you are playing on field one and in line with the tree, you are lined up obnoxiously far back)
  9. Be sportsmanlike and respectful. No personal attacks on players or teams.
  10. No glass! 
  11. If the ball hits the tree on the kick, it's a dead ball rekick as long as it is in fair territory. If it's in foul territory, it's just a foul ball. If the ball hits the ground and then bounces into the tree, in fair territory, it is a ground rule double.
  12. ​HAVE FUN!