Fall 2014 fun rules schedule and descriptions

Week 1: Primer game. All regular rules to get people introduced to WAKA rules.

Week 2: Backwards bases. Third base is now first base, and first base is third base.

Week 3: Switchkick. Kick with your opposite foot. No bounce pitches.

Week 4: Ladies Night. Only females in the pitching and catching position. No bunting is allowed.

Week 5: Golden Ball. 6 outs per inning.  A legal catch records 2 outs instead of 1. No bunting allowed.

Week 6: Encroachment No Mas. Crasher (or shortstop) must be a girl. Crasher, catcher and pitcher may encroach as soon as ball is pitched. No encroachment rule applies.

Week 7: Small Ball. The game will be played with a 8.5 inch youth size kickball. All pitches must be rolled - no bouncies.

Week 8: Dodgeball. If the fielder attempts to red hot a runner and the runner can safely catch the ball, the runner is safe at the intended base. The fielder who attempted to tag the runner must take the bench for the remainder of the inning and the defense plays down one player. When the ball is caught by a runner, the play ends. Balls may only be thrown at the runner for this rule to apply, and not kicked. Runners may not catch the ball after they have safely reached the base. The runner may not attempt to catch the ball on a force play, when they are forced to advance.

Playoffs: Throw the book at 'em. Regular old stinkin' rules.