Field Policies

Please read the following park rules carefully. They will be strictly enforced.

The fields are run by Cambridge Parks Department so we need to pay close attention to their rules to ensure we will have fields to play on for the season.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the fields at any time (its park policy as well as Massachusetts State Law.

Glass bottles, cans, Solo Cups and Gallon coolers are not allowed on the fields. Anyone found with alcohol will have the bottles confiscated, will be asked to leave the fields and will be suspended for one week and their team will take a paper forfeit. Funnels, Kegs and Party Balls or similar items are not allowed on the fields.

All trash must be picked up before you leave the field. Nothing is to be left in the trash barrels. We may utilize the dumpsters behind the softball backstop.

Rainout Line:
Games will be cancelled if there is lightening or thunder. If there is no email message from the league leadership an hour before games start, assume that the games are to be played as scheduled.

We do play in the rain as long as the fields are not too soft. If there is lightning we will postpone the games for 15 minutes or until the lightning passes.