Captains Responsibilities

Captains Responsibilities

Being a captain has certain obligations that each team captain must agree to:

Failure to do so may result in any of the following actions at the discretion of WAKA.
* Removal from the captains position
* Automatic Game Forfeits
* Game suspension

You must attend a pre season meeting (date & venue to be determined)

All players on your roster are entitled to play an equal amount of time. You may not bench someone in favor of other players.

Your final roster is set by the league and may have as many as 26 players.

Encourage your team to go to the sponsor bar regularly after games and attend other social events throughout the season. Remember this is more of a social organization than a competitive sports league.

Games-Last 5 innings or 1 hour whichever comes first. Games will be called on time issues regardless of score or innings. If called the game reverts back to last full inning of play. If your team is five minutes late you lose an inning of kicking, 10 minutes late 2 innings of kicking, 15 minutes it is forfeit. As always there are issues that may cause a delay in the start of the game which is understood but not having your players there on time is not one of them.

You are responsible for the conduct of your team and players at all times while at the park.

Any harassment of other players, WAKA representatives or referees must be dealt with immediately.

Only captains and named co captains can "discuss" a call with a referee

Make sure your team is aware of the schedule and regularly checks the website for updates.
You need to email your team a day or two prior to game day reminding the players of the start time and field you are playing on.

You are responsible for making sure that you have players available and on the field on time for games they are scheduled to referee.

Help the newer players with strategy & tips. Captains need to prepare a lineup prior to game start time and provide a copy to the captain of the team you are playing.

Beverage Rule-No Cans or Bottles. Beverages must be in a non-clear solo cup or in a bubba keg(aka “large cooler cups”). Bubba Keg style mugs are preferred. All trash leaves with you.

You may have to help set-up fields if you have the early game and take them down for the late game
Make sure you and your players know the rules.

Try and get your players involved with the league, join the board, send in photos etc.

Most Important - Have fun!

Additional Information:

Want to change the team name, you can...but make sure:
Kickball team names may not contain reference or implication to political agenda, issue, candidates, elected officials, religion, or overt alcohol or sexual reference.
Changes can only be made prior to the season start unless there is a very unusual circumstance requiring a change afterwards.

Failure to abide by the above listed can result in a captain being removed and replaced at WAKA's discretion.