Field Policies

Field Policies

Please read the following park rules carefully. They will be strictly enforced.
Conway Park is run by the city of Somerville so we need to pay close attention to their rules to ensure we will have fields to play on for the season. This is especially important because the field is used by youth baseball, football, and soccer programs in a residential neighborhood.

Pets are allowed on Conway Park. Please make sure to curb your pets.

Alcoholic beverage containers should not be seen AT ALL on the fields at any time.
Glass bottles of any kind or similar bottles with metal bottle caps are not allowed on the fields.
Funnels, Kegs and Party Balls or similar items are not allowed on the fields.
Keep your beverages in coolers, not shopping bags. You are encouraged to keep all sports drink beverages in bubba kegs, nalgene, or thermos bottles. Clear colored or see through cups are not allowed --- NO SOLO CUPS!
Anyone in violation of the beverage policy may be asked to leave the premises and their team will be forced to forfeit their game.

All trash must be picked up before you leave the field. Nothing is to be left in the trash barrels.

Rest Rooms:
There is currently no bathrooms available for use on the field. Our sponsor bar is less than half a block away so please use the bathroom there and not the bushes.

Limited parking is available around the field in the parking lot and on the street. Do not park in the Walgreen's parking lot. Make sure to read the signs where you park. WAKA is not responsible for parking tickets issued by the city.

Rainout Line:
Updates on the league website and twitter account will be posted for any cancellations due to rain and other pertinent info.
The city of Somerville maintains a rain-out line for the fields. 617-629-1900
If there is no message, assume that the games are to be played as scheduled.
We do play in the rain as long as the fields are not too soft. If there is lightning we will postpone the games for 15 minutes or until the lightning passes.