About TJ-JL Foundation


Welcome family, friends and sponsors.  Since 2004, we’ve held a charity golf tournament to raise 
money and awareness to combat diabetes. After incredible success, a charitable foundation 
came to life. In our seventh year we were proud to become The TJ-JL Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)3 
tax entity. 2012 saw our Youth Ambassador Program take flight, selecting a local child diagnosed 
with type 1 diabetes, which allows us to reach a larger audience and to do our part moving closer to a cure.

It’s an honor to add Joanna “JoJo” Pagedas, our first young lady, as Youth Ambassador in 2015. 
We are delighted to have Joanna and her family join our mission.  Your donation allows diabetes 
programs to continue to educate, assist and provide resources to local communities and across the nation.
Nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes, which translates into over 8% of the population. With 
18.8 million diagnosed cases of diabetes that still leaves 7 million undiagnosed cases; as many 
as 3 million of those cases are type 1 diabetes. By 2030 diabetes is expected to affect as many 
as 552 million people worldwide. With a foundation such as ours, the hope is to start early 
education of the disease and help to find a cure. 

This year, we continue our efforts to raise money and educate the public by funding the research 
needed to fight this disease. Without your continued support there is no way any of this would be 
possible. Through the generous efforts of corporate sponsors and participants we have been able 
to donate thousands of dollars to the ADA - American Diabetes Association, the JDRF – Juvenile 
Diabetes Research Foundation and the DRWF – Diabetes Research Wellness Foundation. We 
have set a goal to raise $100,000 in 2015, by adding more fundraising events in addition to our 
annual golf classic. This year’s philanthropic efforts will also include our 2015 Kick-Off Event, our 
Family Fun Day & Pre-Tournament Soiree, and the 11th Annual Charity Invitational Golf Classic 
held at Montgomery Country Club on Monday September 14th.  
We invite you to join us for either event and to be part of this mission to find a cure and put an 
end to this epidemic. 

TJ-JL Foundation, Inc. Executive Board  

Jon Lowe, Alan Pohoryles, Chris Darby, Kathleen Lively, Tom & Kristen O’Keefe, Kevin & Karen 

Carlsen & Dr. Harold Silverman