President - Cole Gagnon

1. Favorite kickball moment: Diving to catch a ball, hitting my head, playing the rest of the game and not remembering any of it because I got a concussion.
2. How long have you played in WAKA: This is my 5th season.
3. What team do you currently play on: Kick Tease
4. Favorite drink at Dewey's: Bud Light Towers
5. What you do for work: Fraud Analyst
6. Any other interesting fact or experience you have from kickball: Total career home runs: 16

Vice President/Equipment Manager - Jo Hillman

JoAnna ‘Jo’ Hillman is the captain of Dirty Little Secret (DLS) and is in her 3rd season of WAKA Kickball in Portland. Jo makes new favorite kickball moments every week, but her favorite by far, will be when DLS wins the Founder’s Cup.

By day, Jo is an epidemiologist for the City of Portland. She is currently investigating an outbreak of a disease running rampant in over 400 people in the Portland area. The typical infected person gets together with friends at least once a week, runs around kicking and catching a big red rubber ball for about 45 minutes, consumes a decent amount of celebratory beverages after and then turns into a zombie on Friday.

Charity Chair - Nate Delois

1. Favorite kickball moment: Getting the final out after coming from behind in 20 degree November weather to take home the Fall 2008 Championship.
2. How long have you played in WAKA: 4 Seasons, since Fall 2007
3. What team do you currently play on: ASO
4. Favorite drink at Dewey's: Anything Cold
5. What you do for work: Commercial Real Estate Broker

Social Chair - Erin Gagnon

1. One of my favorite kickball moments was the Flamingo Mascot Battle between Kick Tease and Guard Dogs. The on-going feud created several funny pictures and healthy laughs. I have had so many other fun times every Thursday-from shot gunning after a victory to many towers of BL at Dewey's.
2. I have played for 2 years-4 seasons.
3. Kick Tease
4. Bud Light
5. I am clinical social worker at L.M.M.S. in Portland and a soccer and softball coach there as well
6. I had the opportunity to ref at the Founders Cup Tourney in Las Vegas last season! It was a great experience and allowed me to meet crazy kickballers from all over the U.S. It is something I encourage all of you to strive for- definately a good time!

Marketing/PR - Michael Papi

This is my 5th season of WAKA Kickball.

Team- All Stars Only (ASO).

Favorite drink at deweys- VE (velvet elvis.)

Work-Account manager at Npress Marketing Solutions

Favorite moment- will be this October when ASO takes the stage at the founders cup in vegas!!!

Second favorite - winning the WAKA state championship during the fall 2008 season in a come back win in the last inning!

League Representative - Kate Smedal