Captains' Responsibilities

Being a WAKA team captain carries certain obligations. If all captains follow these few simple rules we can be assured a rewarding, competitive and fun kickball season. Failure to follow these rules may result in automatic game forfeits or suspension of your team's season.

1. At least one captain or co-captain from each team must attend a preseason meeting

2. Captains are responsible for making sure that their teams have players available and on the field when games begin and for providing referees when required. This may require emailing you team a day or two before games and encouraging them to check the league web-page regularly. Captains must designate at least one head referee who may be called upon to officiate other teams' games.

3. Captains are responsible for the conduct of their teams and players while at the fields. Any harassment of other players, WAKA representatives or officials must be report to the WAKA representative or league president and may result in discipline including suspension.

4. Captains should make sure all players are familiar with WAKA rules. Provide tips and lead with strategy. Prepare a lineup prior to each game and provide a copy to the opposing team's captain.

5. Only captains and co-captains are allowed to "discuss" a call with a referee. Any argument beyond reasonable discussion will result in a warning of both teams and subsequent arguments will result in the offending player being thrown out of the game.

6. Encourage your team to go to the sponsor bar after games and attend other social events throughout the season. Our sponsor bars are valuable partners to our social organization. Getting players involved in social aspects of kickball including spirit competitions and photo contests increases everyone's enjoyment of kickball.

7. Captains will be responsible for making sure there is no trash, cans or bottles left behind after their teams games.

8. Have fun and thank you for making WAKA fun for you and your teams!