Guidelines for CLYNK Bags

This season we will be using CLYNK bags to help keep the playing fields free from bottles and cans. Keep your eyes peeled for the green bottles bags near where you are playing. Proceeds will benefit the end of season party!

Captains, please drop your CLYNK bag(s) at a Hannaford CLYNK location.

This is not a traditional bottle drive. Please limit bag drops to 10 bags per day.

Please make bag drops during business hours (9am - 6pm, 7 days a week)

Here are the basic requirements of the CLYNK program:

1. No more than 20lbs per bag...approximately 1/3 of the bag if it is all glass
2. Do not over fill the bag
3. No Smiling Hill Farm bottles in the bag
4. Please empty containers of all fluids
5. Make sure containers are reasonably clean and dry
6. No trash in bags
7. Tie bag completely shut and make sure you tie a good knot!
8. Bags will be handed out to team captains

Bags can only be picked up at CLYNK by the league representative and will not be given or sold to individuals coming into CLYNK wanting to retrieve bags for their team.

You can learn more about the CLYNK program by visiting their website at