Registration Directions

If you would like to start a new team/friend group:
1. Go to the website at and log in using your username and password (upper right hand corner).
a. If you do not have an account, skip the log in and start with number 2.
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “search by state.”
3. Scroll down to Maine
4. There are two leagues in our area, ME Lighthouse and ME Superhero
5. Click on “Register Today” next to the league you want to play in.
6. If you have an account, a majority of the information will be filled in on the page that comes up. If not, you will need to enter the information (email address, username and password, first and last name, zip code, phone number, birth date, female/male, and t-shirt size. If you are a returning player, please make sure the size is correct as it may change over time as we drink more beer!
7. The option that everyone will have is to select a team at the bottom of the first page. If there are 16 people in your “friend group,” it will be upgraded to a team and your team’s name will show up here. If it is present, please select it. If not, leave it as “select a team.”
8. Select “I agree” after you READ THE DISCLAIMER.
9. Click on “Submit.”
10. Your shopping cart will appear showing the season you are registering for and your team t-shirt size. Please make sure this is correct before going any further.
11. Click on “Checkout.”
12. The third page will ask for your billing information. Fill everything in and click on “Review Order.” Make sure everything is correct and submit.
13. Once this is complete, go to “My Account” at the top right of your screen. There will be an option under my seasons to create a friend group.
a. Click on “Friend Group.”
b. It will say “you are not a member of a friend group” and will have a link to create one. Click on the link.
c. Enter your title (your team name), a brief description, and the e-mail addresses of people you want to be on your team/friend group. Submit. The people you invite will have 3 days to sign up, or the link will no longer work. You can re-send it if they procrastinate!

If you want to join an existing team:
1. Follow steps 1-12 above and be sure to select the correct team for step 7. If the team name does not appear, there are not enough players for the group to be a team yet. Please see below.

If you want to join an existing friend group:
1. You will need an invite to join an existing friend group. If you have received an invite, log in, go to “My Account” at the top right of your screen and the invite will be there. Click on the link and it will take you to registration.
2. If you want to join a particular friend group and you have not been invited, send the captain an e-mail. They will need to invite you to join. Please be aware that when you receive an invite, you will have three days to register before the link will stop working. Please try to complete registration ASAP after receiving the link so the captains do not have to resend the invites multiple times. You will automatically be placed on the team so captains will no longer have to log in and approve players each day.