Tournament Guidelines

All teams must be ready to play 10 minutes prior to game time for check in. There will be random roster checks. All players must have proper ID and must they be on the team’s official WAKA roster. Captains are required to have the current rosters available. Illegal players attempting to or playing will result in an automatic forfeit of your game and the captain will loose the right to pick or captain a team in the future.

Teams must have at least 4 male and 4 female eligible players to play. Deal making between teams is prohibited. If you do not have enough registered players as per the policy above, the game is a forfeit. Note - Eligible players must have team shirts and not be injured, i.e. no casts etc.

Game length is 5 innings or 1 hour from the "scheduled" start time whichever comes first. Teams are allowed to complete the inning they are playing if the 1 hour mark hits. You may not start a new inning past the 50 minute mark. There are no extra innings allowed in rounds 1 or 2 or 3. Up to two innings of Kansas City format Kickball will be used in the semi-final and Championship game.

At any point after 3 innings a team is winning by 12 or more runs, the game will immediately end and is considered final.

In rounds 1 & 2 & 3, games that are tied after 5 innings or 1 hour - (which ever comes first) will participate in an “Accuracy Kick” competition to determine the winner, more on that below.

Per WAKA Tournament Rule 10:03 - Any runner off  base when the ball is kicked with 2 outs will be out and the next kicker in the lineup will start the next inning.


If your team or guests violate the league beverage rules, your game will be an automatic forfeit!

Tie break format for rounds 1 & 2 & 3:

Each team will designate 1 kicker. Each kicker will get 1 practice kick. The higher ranked team will choose if they want to kick first or 2nd.

The ball will be placed on home plate. The kicker will kick it towards 2nd base. Who’s ever ball ends up closest to 2nd base wins the game (the ball can go past 2nd)

Tie break format for semi finals & finals:

If the game is tied after regulation innings, up to 1 extra innings of Kansas City style will be played up until the 70 minute mark and played as follows.

Place the last kicker from the previous inning on 2nd base

The fielding team will place 4 males and 4 females only on the field.

If still tied after extra inning (current inning will be allowed to complete) or 70 minutes the accuracy kick will be used to determine the winner