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So Now You're a Team Captain

Don't worry, it’s not as daunting as it may seem! WAKA thanks you for all the effort you have taken on and we look forward to a smooth and exciting season.

Please use the links below or scroll down for information on the various aspects of being a team captain and the league and of course if you have questions that aren't answered here, just let us know!

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The primary job of the captain is to act as the point of contact for the league, your team, and the other team captains.

• Keep your team up to date by communicating to them the information from the league web page and emails. We highly recommend emailing your team through the site weekly to get a sense of who will be coming to the game and to share any relevant information with them as well.

• You will act as the point of contact between your team and WAKA in any disputes. This includes arguing calls during a game.

• In general, keep your ears and eyes open. Ask question if you aren't sure what is going on. The league will keep you informed – please help us keep your players informed in turn.

• It is the captain’s job to welcome "free-agent" players that have been added to your team and make sure they know how to get in contact with you. Free-agents are players that have signed up as independent players and have been placed on teams with available player spots after registration has closed.

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Here is a brief overview of how game nights will proceed and the time line of the season.

• All players must be fully registered before they may play.

• A detailed schedule can be found webpage at

• The Regular Season consists of 8 games per team. Games typically last 45 minutes.

• The League Tournament is a single elimination tournament based on rankings in the Regular Season. All teams in a league (who have fewer than three forfeits) are invited to participate in tournament and are seeded according to regular season ranking. The Spring 2010 tournament is currently scheduled to be held on three consecutive Wednesdays beginning the week after the last regular season games. However, please note that this may change to an all day Saturday tournament in the event of an unusual amount of rain outs. We will make every effort to give you and your team as much advance notice as possible.

• The winner of the Spring 2010 League Tournament will be invited to the 2010 Founders Cup World Kickball Championship to play against other WAKA league champions on Columbus Day weekend.

All teams are assigned referee duty on 4 occasions during the season and are asked to supply 2 players to assist the Head Referee as 1st and 3rd base referees. As captain, it is your responsibility to insure that your team knows when it is scheduled to supply referees. These assignments can be found in the “BRef” column on the detailed schedule. Failure to provide 2 base referees will result in a paper forfeit.

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• Make sure your players show up early. Games are scheduled for 7:30p and 8:30p. Teams will be given no more than 5 minutes to wait on late players.

Forfeiting: Per the Official Rules of the Game, if you cannot field a team of at least 8 players with at least 4 women and 4 men at game time you will be forced to forfeit.

As mentioned above, teams will be given 5 minutes to allow for late players. You will be expected to lead your team in accepting this gracefully. A pickup game (or "Honor Scrimmage") may be played but it will not count in your season standings (that determine the playoff schedule).

Three (3) forfeits of any kind will result in the team being disqualified from the League Tournament.

• Each team is responsible for assigning one or more people to keep accurate score and record of the game. The record keeper must write the name of the league, the names of the teams, and the date at the top of every page used. Head Referees will sign your score book and verify the score of the game with each captain at the conclusion of each game.

• Head Referees will be responsible for reporting final game scores. Scores and rankings will be updated by Thursday of each week. If you feel there is an error in the scores posted on the website, please contact the league within one week of the game in question.

• The captain and co-captain are the team representatives at the game. The only team members allowed to dispute calls with a referee are the captain and/or co-captain.

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• "Proper Respect and Civility" – be competitive, but never at the cost of your fun, your team's fun, or other team's fun.

• Come forward with forfeits gracefully. They suck but they happen.

• Never ever even think about playing an unregistered player. The penalties are vastly worse than a simple forfeit.

• When the Head Referee issues a final decision, stop arguing. Don't disrespect or yell at the referees, or let your team do so.

• Trash talking is okay as long as it's funny and not about trying to pick a fight.

Alcohol is prohibited on the fields by the Parks & Rec Department’s policies and local laws. The League will be counting on you to keep your team complaint with field regulations, to insure our permit is not placed in jeopardy by violations. Each team will be given only ONE warning during the season. Subsequent alcohol violations will result in a paper forfeit or worse if the problem persists.

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• After every game, all players and friends are invited to our league bar for libations, food, and a great time.

• Registered WAKA kickball players receive specials or discounted beverages and food on their respective game nights.

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Unfortunately, even WAKA can't control the weather.

• When possible, notice of game cancellation due to rain will be emailed out to the league by 5:00pm on game day. If the weather takes a turn for the worse after 5:00pm captains will be notified so they can contact their team.

• Every effort will be made to ensure that rained out games are made up. This may result in adjustments to the schedule published at the beginning of the season. Please be aware of any changes that are announced or posted on the league website.

• Even when games are rained out, teams are still welcome to join in celebration at the restaurant/bar sponsor where all discounts/specials will still be honored.

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