Field Policies


· Alcohol is strictly prohibited on all area athletic fields. Violations of this Parks and Recreation Department policy and state law may result in our field permits being revoked, open container citations for the offenders and other consequences.

League Managers and the league board will warn each team ONCE of their violation during the season. The second violation will result in a paper forfeit being added to the offending team's record. A third violation may result in the removal of the team from the league.

All of that being said, please help remind your teammates of this policy and remember that you are only 45 minutes away from being able to head to the league bar for beer specials, flip cup etc.

· No vehicles permitted on athletic fields. Ample parking is available both on the Kenilworth Ave and Baxter St side of the field. Although spaces aren't marked in much of these areas please use your best judgement when parking so as to leave as much room for other cars as possible.

· No pets permitted on athletic fields or inside the fence of the field. Pets must be kept on the perimeter of the field area. Please also be sure to clean up any messes your pet makes.

· Parks and Recreation Department staff reserves the right to cancel facility use due to; standing puddles of water on field, footing is unsure and slippery; ground is waterlogged or “squishy”, lightning and severe weather storms. Field closings information will be provided to League Managers by 4pm daily and information will be communicated to the league no later than 5pm. Should circumstances change after 5pm League Managers will notify team captains directly in addition to emailing the league.

· Please be sure to clean up after your team and remove all trash from the field. There are only two cans available to our field so they may fill quickly. If these cans are full, we kindly ask that you take your trash with you and dispose of it at home.