Photo Scavenger Hunt

NC Victory Spring 2013
Team Photo Scavenger Hunt Challenge


  1. Your team will receive one point for each photo submitted that meets the requirements. Bonus opportunities are provided at the bottom with additional point values. 
  2. All photos must have participants in WAKA t-shirt
  3. All photos must be turned in by: Thurs, May 2 at 11:59 pm to qualify. 
  4. The Winner will be announced at end of the season party
  5. All photos must be posted on the WAKA facebook page ( AND e-mailed to by the deadline posted above. 
  6. In the event of a tie breaker, the team that turned in their photos first will win. 
  7. PRIZE- the winning team will receive a $100 gift card to anywhere in the Triangle that they wish (restaurant, bowling alley, bar, etc.) 


  1. At least three teammates underneath a bank sign with the exact time of 8:51 
  2. Spell out WAKA with your bodies in middle of a kickball field/park with as many teammates as it takes
  3. At least five teammates sitting in one chair in one of your team member’s homes
  4. At least 8 teammates with an outdoor sculpture
  5. At least 8 teammates posing in a human pyramid   
  6. At least 8 members of your team being chased by another kickball team
  7. At least 8 members of your team giving a group hug to a complete stranger
  8. At least 3 members of your team in the dark w/ each member shining a flash light on their face                                                                                    
  9. 1 member of your team singing to a crowd of 10 strangers in public place
  10. At least one member buying 10 cents of gas (photo must show exact amount on screen)                   
  11. At least 1 team member being pushed in a shopping cart
  12. One team member kissing a member of an opposing team
  13. At least 5 teammates underneath a sign that has the current temperature on it   
  14. At least 2 members of your team with Duke t-shirts on
  15. At least 2 members of your team with UNC t-shirts on
  16. 1 Team member being handcuffed by a player from another team  
  17. One member of team proposing to a random stranger  
  18.  At least 8 teammates with Cindy OR Rose     
  19. At least five teammates inside of an elevator 
  20. Two people from your team helping a stranger fold clothes at laundry mat
  21. At least two teammates with a lady that is 90 years old or older holding her ID with birth date
  22. Entire team playing duck, duck, goose in a park with an opposing team member in the mush pot
  23. 2 team members upside down on the monkey bars       
  24. At least eight members of your team in a fountain
  25. At least one team member riding a bull
  26. At least one of your team members wearing a firefighters uniform
  27. At least 2 of your teammates with a local mascot
  28. At least 8 of your teammates in front of a food truck
  29. At least 5 of your teammates wearing the exact same outfit
  30. At least five of your teammates trading WAKA shirts with another team

BONUS: At least 8 of your teammates in a boat (hint: you can make your own boat or create a backdrop) (5 points) 

BONUS: At least 8 of your teammates on a train (5 points) 

BONUS: At least 8 of your teammates on a bus (5 points) 

BONUS: At least 8 of your teammates performing on a stage (5 points)