Format and Rules

General Rules

  • If you are not wearing a costume to perform, please wear your WAKA t-shirt!
  • Not all members of a team are required to sing. But you can always be back-up dancers.
  • Captains (only) must submit songs via email, preferably one week before match up to ensure song availability. 
  • Match ups are set to be 45 minutes long.
  • All match ups must end at one hour in length.
    • ​Any songs that have not been sung will be skipped.
    • Judges will rank whatever songs have been sung.
  • KJ is allowed to cut a song off for length as necessary, or refuse to play a song due to its length. Please choose songs that are about four minutes long!
  • Each song is judged on a scale of 1-10 (even numbers, no decimal places) and whichever team gets the most points out of 30 in a match up wins that match up. 

Season Structure

  • Teams will consist of 5 to 7 performers with at least 2 of each gender.

  • Each team will need a captain and co-captain who will be in charge of submitting their song list each week. You may (and are encouraged) to submit songs ahead of time!

  • The regular season lasts for 6 weeks and will be followed by a tournament in Week 7.

  • The season schedule is never released. Each team will compete against one other team in their assigned time slot each week.

  • A new theme for karaoke will be chosen every week.Themes will be posted on the league website and are subject to change with at least one week's notice. 

  • Each team gets 3 songs each week in which to compete against their opponent.
    • ladies' solo
    • men's solo
    •  group song. Group songs can have 2-7 performers. 
  • ​During solo rounds, the singer will be allowed to use his/her teammates for props or dancers, but only the soloist is allowed to sing.
  • By Monday night before games, each captain must submit a list of their chosen songs to the WAKA representative. 
    • If two teams choose to sing the same song on the same night, whomever submitted the song first will sing that particular song.
    • If the KJ does not have the song, the team will be asked to choose another song. (If you submit songs at least a week in advance, the KJ may be able to get it before the week you want to sing it.)
  • Once a song has been sung, it may not be sung again. A running list of already played songs will be available on the league site.

  • Season rankings are determined by number of wins. In case of a tie, use total points scored and then winner of the head-to-head match-up.


  • Judging will be done by the KJ, the bartender, and a guest judge. 
  • Judges will score ​the singers on a 10-point scale (like in the Olympics) based on how well they:
    • “Sing It” (singing ability, song difficulty, incorporating multiple teammates in groups songs, etc.)
    • “Bring It” (dancing, costumes, audience interaction, etc. --- ex. Dressing up as Rocky Balboa and singing "Eye of the Tiger".)
  • Teams can score a total of 30 points per match; whichever team gets the most points wins the match.
  • Ties are allowed in regular season match ups.


  • Teams will be seeded for a single elimination tournament held in Week 7.
  • In case of a tie during tournament, the KJ will select a random song for a dance off. Final decision will be based on a vote from the audience. 


  • First place team receives one $100 gift card.
  • Second place team receives one $50 gift card.
  • The bar will select a costume winner for the season who will receive a $25 gift card.
  • Prizes may be awarded each week by the bar for best costume.


  • Spectators are encouraged to come to the match ups but no unregistered players will be allowed to participate in the competition.
  • If there is time between match ups, non-registered players may sign up for and sing karaoke songs.