Speed Dating FAQs

First time speed dating? Here are a few frequently asked questions to give you an idea of what to expect!

What should I wear?
Dress to impress! Remember, you're giving a very quick first impression, and there will be a lot of other people around you. Try to stick out at least a little bit. Wear something memorable that shows off your best assets. It's very easy to remember "the girl with the flower in her hair" or "the guy with the bow tie". 

Do I have to pick someone?
Nope. You are not required to like any of the people you meet at speed dating. 

What happens if I write someone's name down but he/she doesn't write my name down?
We'll give him or her your email address.  Similarly, if someone writes you down but you didn't pick them, we'll give you his/her email address. If you both write each other's name down, you each get each other's phone number.

Do I have to go on a date with someone if I pick them?
No, you don't. They just get your contact information. In fact, you can even go through speed dating just to meet new friends. We're just providing you that way to meet them. 

Is this a dinner? Or just drinks?
There will be appetizers available. If you feel like ordering more food, feel free. But you probably won't have much time to eat while you're talking. 

What if I want another drink?
Go ahead and order with the server. We will cover your first drink through your registration fee, but you should settle up with the server for anything after that.

What if I've already dated everyone in kickball?
There are over 400 people associated with kickball in Albuquerque, so if you've even met all of them, let alone dated them, well... kudos. Nevertheless, the speed dating event is open to non-kickballers as well, so there will probably be people there you don't know. Furthermore, even if you've already met all the kickballers in the whole world, you probably haven't sat down with them to chat for five minutes. You may learn something new, even from old friends.

Should I sign up if I"ve already done a WAKA ABQ speed dating event in the past?
Sure! Every event is different. There will never be the same exact group of people, so if you feel like jumping back in, go for it. 

How many people are allowed to participate?
The maximum is 30 total -- 15 men, 15 women. We will not allow more than 15 of either sex to participate. 

What happens if the men and women sign up in uneven quanitities?
We have a system that will allow unequal numbers of members of the sexes. If there are more women than men, say, there will simply be empty seats on the men's side of the table, and women who find themselves across from an emtpy seat can take the time to chill out, brush up on their notes, or grab a snack. It's only for five minutes!

What happens to the money for registration?
The fee you pay goes to cover the cost of first drinks, appetizers, and any location fees. Anything on top of that will either go to help fund the next kickball party or to our charity. 

Do I have to pay in advance?
No, you can pay at the door. But signing up in advance guarantees you a spot. Paying at the door is first-come-first-serve. 

Will you ever do a speed dating event for gay and lesbian folks?
We'd love to! We just have to get enough interest going. If you're interested in helping with marketing or other issues, please let us know!