2013 Team

Happy New Year Team!


I am so excited to be rolling into 2013 with all of you! We have an amazing crew of people making up our team. Check everyone out and find them on Facebook! I'm looking forward to us all working together to share ideas, crazy stories, plans that work out and plans that don't!  It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you and working closely with those of you who have been with me for more than one season! If you're new to the team, I'm super excited tostart working with you and have a great year ahead! 2012 is behind us, the holidays are over, and it's time to start gearing up for a big year of WAKA Social Sports. 

Now is the perfect time to touch base with your local partner organizations. Your relationships with your bar, facility, charity and other businesses is the first step to providing a stand out experience to your players. Stop by with a muffin, a thank you card, to say hello and wish them a happy 2013. 
On the radar for January:
Send me your dates for your Spring leagues - Once your dates are in, I'll send you marketing materials to start spreading the word!
What do you need for 2013? Negotiating a great contract with a sponsor bar? Customized league schedules? Referee training and incentives? Throwing great parties? Sending out E-mails that players will read and remember? Let me know!
We'll be getting together for a Google Hangout in February for you all to get some face time and chat about your upcoming seasons. Watch your inbox to vote on a date and time. Since there are 35 of us, we'll probably split up to two groups based on your side of the country! :)
Make sure your league/area Facebook Page and MeetUp group are set up and ready to go for 2013! If you don't have them, please let me know!

Cheers to a great year of parties, friends,  and kickball!!



Happy New Year!

Kickball Love,


Megan Lundquist
Customer Service Manager
WAKA Kickball & Social Sports
Best Parties. Best Games. Best Friends.