Life of the Party


LIFE OF THE PARTY coming to THIS WAKA league! Kickball is so much more than the one hour game time played every week. It’s also the social aspect of interacting with teammates, making new friends, hitting up the league bar and creating memories + friendships to last a lifetime!

Using any of the three social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to earn points for your team. These points translate into free booze for you and your team! How, you ask? Accomplish any of the “photo challenges”, use #OKC[TeamName] AND #WAKAOKC. Upload your picture(s) no later than Saturday at midnight. The team of with the most points for the week will get THREE…not one, not two, but THREE free pitchers of beer at the bar! That’s not all…the team with the most points at the end of the season will receive $20 next season's registration for returning players!


  • Selfie of you in game gear - 1 Point 

  • Flip Cup Challenge picture with both teams - 2 points
  • Picture of teammates at the field or league bar - 2 Points 

  • Picture with at least 1 member of an opposing team. 1 extra point awarded for each additional opposing team player.
    Ex: 7 teams represented = 7 points. Please cite all teams represented in caption. - 3 Points 

  • Picture of you buying your ref a drink at the league bar - 4 Points (Limit one per team per week)

  • Group photo of at least 10 teammates participating in league theme night - 50 Points 


  • 1 additional point will be awarded for each “like or favorited” on photo uploaded to each platform (limit 20 per platform, +1 for each additional 5 likes/favorites beyond 20)


  • The Best Dressed Team each theme night - 100 Points
  • Philathropy Night Overall Winner - 200 Points

Venture out, meet new people, have no shame in your selfie game and spread the #wakalove with high fives… let the photo games begin!



Life of Party Coordinator