Consider this your resource for (almost) everything you ever wanted to know about kickball. There is a method to our madness… and here it is.


(OK Lights and "Social" OK Live) 

Please read the standard WAKA Rule book as well!

1. No bunting allowed; Kick the ball however you like, however..

a) If the catcher is able to touch or field the ball before it cross the 1st/3rd diagonal, the kick will be ruled a foul.

2. 7 innings.. or; No new inning allowed to start after the 50 minute mark. This is based on scheduled start time, not actual start time. If officials have to start the game late, teams will get less playing time. Players, please show up early to your games. 

3. Underhand Pitches; a 45 degree arm slot. This will be a judgement of the referee. Bounce height is still limited to 1’ at the plate.   

4. Minimum 4 of each gender in the field.

5. The offensive lineups; 

a) Teams cannot have more than 2 members of either gender kicking in a row, UNTIL there are no players left of one gender (ie: Boy, Boy, Girl, Boy, Boy, Girl, or Girl, Girl, Boy, Girl, Girl, Boy, etc) 

BIG BALL IS BACK!!! What is that...?

It's a larger than life twist to kickball! This is a social league and we like to keep it light and fun for all. So, for the duration of the 4th inning teams will play with a giant kickball instead of the regular sized one. It's super fun and it definitely evens the playing field with a nice dose of humor.

What’s the deal with rain calls?

Weather is a little unpredictable around here...Should the forecast look bleak, we will announce at 4 p.m. on game day whether the game is on or off (check our facebook page for the announcement). Again, each week we will make the rain call at 4 pm. This is for 3 reasons. 1) Parks and rec gives us an official red light or green light on whether we can play on fields at that time. 2) We want to be sure we are making the most accurate call possible, and 3) we want to be consistent in our communications with you.


Why is my ref on their phone? And who are these Ref People?

The rules to kickball are pretty much what you remember from grade school. The only way our game might differ a bit - no bunting, perhaps a beverage in hand, and having fun is the most important thing of all! Our refs work hard to make sure each week is fun and fair, and each of them utilizes a fancy reffing app to keep track of things. This is why you see them on their phones.

For you to be informed, I suggest you skim over the actual rules too, if you haven't. And if you are interested in being a HEAD REF, reach out to Nathan Blaha at nblaha@kickball.com. Low responsibility, loads of fun, and TONS of perks… DO IT!


Why does my team have to base ref? Is this because of the league size?

Base refs are utilized because we have so many teams and they should all have the best chance at the right call. However, we have restructured base reffing as requested in the surveys you all submitted last season. Each team will be required to base ref on a night they play. These teams will be indicated on the weekly schedule. If your team chooses to not base ref, you will receive a forfeit. 

Why have we changed field location from past seasons? We will we change fields in the future?

In order to adjust for the growing league, we have had to be creative about which spaces we play at in OKC. Additionally, parks and rec services fields on a rotating schedule. So during different times of year, they may not have certain fields available for us to utilize as they are closed for maintenance. So in short… Yes. We will likely have to change fields again in the future, and we are so grateful for your patience as we relocate.


Where can I meet more people? Is this what the league bar is for? What are the drink specials there?

After every game we go to TBD... for flip cup, cornhole, and more fun mixing with other teams in the league. Fassler is hooking us up with Silly Cheap food, as well as steeply discounted drinks! These discounts are ONLY open to WAKA players. Also, you may not know a ton of bars around town that can hold a few hundred of you each week in addition to offering flip cup and other such rowdy things.


How do I keep up to date with happenings? And speaking of updates… who are these people posting on Facebook pages?

Social Media is the best way to stay up to date...If you want to know what's up with WAKA, connect with us on the interwebs. Like our Facebook Page - Tweet Us @WAKAOKC - Follow our Instagram @WAKAOKC Also, remember that these pages are just not ways for WAKA to share with you. YOU can share with US! Always feel free to post or tag us if you have things to share or if you want to connect with people within the WAKA community.

Captain’s responsibilities

We give your captain regular updates of what is going on with your team. We do this because we know you love your captain more than us, AND there are well over 500 of you and only a few of us staff. Given that, please be sure to utilize your captain as a resource. They should have this info, and we want them to be able to connect with you too! In sum: Captains make the dream work (or something like that…)