Bar Details

Bucket Brigade located on 8012 SE Powell, just a few miles from Bloomington Park!

All registered WAKA Players will get 1 pitcher of PBR, and 1 Basket of Tots (per team), every Sunday, after games are played. We will also have 2 Season Parties here- Midseason and End of Season Party... More to come!

About the Bar:

     The Bucket Brigade is one of Portland's most recognized neighborhood sports bars.  It was established in 1985 and remodeled and expanded in 1998.  Owner Debbie Marinello took over the Bucket Brigade in 2002.  The Bucket owns the distinction of being one of the most frequented bars in the neighborhood and as such, one of the most enjoyable bars in Portland. The warm and inviting staff will quickly learn your name and how you like your martini.  Your experience at the Bucket will always lift your spirits and you will leave feeling welcomed and satisfied.   

     When it comes to regulars, the Bucket Brigade has been catering to crowds who have been coming here from our early days. Whether a new face or a familiar one, we strive to make every visit one to remember.  With an amazing brand new menu and a tantalizing array of drinks,  your experience at the Bucket Brigade is sure to be pleasing. The next time you're in the neighborhood, longing for an ice cold beer, a fire chief burger and looking for a great venue to watch your favorite team or UFC fight,  drop in at the Bucket Brigade and experience it for yourself.