WAKA Rules Overview:

  • 11 players on the field, 4 girls min. 

Slow Pitch Rule Exceptions:

General Rules:

  • 8 runs in one inning, will end the inning once the play is over
  • 10 players on the field
  • 1 girl in the outfield, minimum- 4 on the field, if team is short a girl, team will play 1 player short on field- 9 players total
  • 3 Fouls = Out, 2 Strikes = Out 3 Balls = Walk (Each are counted separately)



  • No man-bunting, girls can bunt
    • Bunting will be called if there is not a full leg extension, or if the ball doesn’t make it past the baseline with increasing velocity- ref discretion.
  • If up by 8 points, no bunting



  • Ref discretion on what is too bouncy or fast (general guideline ball should take approx. 2 seconds to make it  from the pitcher’s mound to crossing the plate, at least 2 bounces, and below the knee). Underhand pitching only (no sidearm, curve, or overhead pitches).

League/Park Rules:

  • No glass containers at the park
  • Subs may be used during the regular season only, and no more than 4 subs can be used in one game. For Playoffs, no subs will be allowed unless there are extenuating circumstances that have been cleared prior to gameday by Kirsten.


  • Yellow card- warning for inappropriate conduct, poor sportsmanship, etc.
  • Red Card- individual is thrown out of the game, if a team gets 2 individual red cards, the team will forfeit that game.
  • Calls made by the ref are FINAL- there should be no side-line reffing (ahem- 1st base coaches should only be speaking to their players), unless you are an actual ref in the game- our refs are doing the best job they can and deserve the respect they have earned by volunteering to be in charge of a game.
  • If a team needs a rule clarification or have a complaint/explanation for a call, only the Captain and Co-Captain can ask the refs, it is ref discretion how strictly they enforce this, simple questions are always welcome, complaints have a due process- our refs are volunteers please treat them with the respect that they deserve!