Life of the Party Rules

Life of the Party Points


While we all know that winning is awesome, some of us see the much bigger picture. WAKA kickball isn't only about what happens on the field, but what happens afterward.  Sometimes kickball isn't about being embarrassingly good at kickball (ahem!).  Sometimes it's about being the life of the party! These people are one of the reasons that kickball is so much fun! Do you like embarrassing yourself in public and owning it like a Boss? How about meeting new people, through your ridiculous antics? Or maybe you are extremely good looking and everyone wants to be you? Or possibly, you are super shy, just waiting to be released from your chains? WAKA Kickball is definitely the place for you!

We love to celebrate these and all kinds of players that know how to go for the gold both on and off of the field. The real MVPs are the teams that are always making friends with the adversary teams, the teams who make you forget you are out on a “school night,” keeping the party going at the bar all night, the players custom ordering team swag, and champions who refuse to let a kickball loss get them down. So we honor you with free booze and we recognize the Party Champions with the Stumptown Oregon, Life of the Party competition.


The top score each week will earn themselves a $20 WAKA bar tab the following week! All season long, your team will have opportunities to earn Social Points that will count toward a running total, and the overall victors will be officially declared the Summer 2015 OR Stumptown Life of the Party Champions.


  • 1 point

    • Picture of teammates at the field*

    • Picture of teammates at the bar*

    • 1 Point for each teammate who goes to league bar (up to 10) before or after your game

    • 1 point for each player dressed in theme/costume, maximum 12 points per team. (During theme weeks)


  • 2 points

    • Picture with at least 1 member of the opposing team at the field*

    • Picture with at least 1 member of the opposing team at the bar (double the points for buying them a drink- must have pics to prove it!)

  • 3 points

    • Picture of you or a teammate buying your ref a beer at McGillicuddy’s*

    • Picture with at least 5 people, 3 not on your team*

  • 5 points

    • Successful Photobomb (unlimited #)

    • Field challenges such as longest kick, fastest player, and farthest throw (1 point for participation and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place- 5 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd place and 1 point for 3rd place)


The team with the most points every week will receive a $20 bar tab!


*Send as many pictures as you want! The 5 pics with the highest cumulative score will be used.

**Selfies will double the points (and no, you can’t photobomb your own team)

Email pics to