Rainout Policy, Season Scheduling and Holidays

Rainout Policy

Games will be held, as long as conditions are safe and do not violate our rules or park guidelines. As a standard, we will do our best to alert the entire league via email with as much notice as possible on Game Day should games be cancelled. However, Please keep in mind that Park closures and game cancellations are determined by the parks office (not us) and have the liberty to cancel games at any time depending on the current weather and field conditions. Please be patient as we communicate with them to determine if the fields are safe and playable for you. You will be the first to know once a final call is made.

In the event of a game cancelled by rain we encourage all players to still make it out to the bar as not to miss out on a fun night.

In the event games are cancelled due to rain, make-up games will be rescheduled during the remainder or the regular season or at the end of the season, as time and field space allows. A maximum of 2 rainout games will be rescheduled before games will be cancelled completely.

There are no refunds or credits due to cancellations due to weather.

Season Scheduling and Holidays

League season dates are determined based on Field/Facility Availability with the exception of major WAKA Events, such as WAKApalooza. We also do our best to minimize overlap with neighboring leagues on the same nights to maximize player opportunities. Field closure dates are determined by the jurisdictional field and facility management company due to their refurbishment schedule and/or any Federal/State Holidays as determined by each organization.

Please know that we will do our best to accommodate any special requests due to holidays on a team by team basis. NOTE: Please be sure to review the schedule at the beginning of the season and advise your Community Coordinator of any dates that may affect the attendance and outcome for your team.