Refund & Park Policies

Refund Policy:
Our refund policy does not permit exceptions unless for documented medical reasons or military leave. If you cannot provide supporting documents We'd be happy to offer you a credit towards a future season in a WAKA league of your choice on a case by base basis.

Park & Field Policies:

Please read the following information carefully as it will be strictly enforced.
All WAKA fields are permitted from the local city or managment specifically to WAKA as per our game schedule. That means that we are required to be in compliance with their regulations listed below.
Players who disregard these policies can be removed from the season of play without a refund.

Park Staff:
The utmost repsect is required of each player when dealing with Park Staff. We view our field use as a privilage and not a right. Any player who is disrespectful to park staff will be asked to no longer participate without a refund.

- Alcoholic beverages & containers are not allowed at the park at any time, this includes the fields & parking lots. 
- Glass containers or bottles of any kind are prohibited.
- Coolers, Funnels, Kegs and Party Balls or similar items are also not allowed on the fields.

You are required to keep all beverages in bubba kegs, thermos bottles or any cup with a lid.
Clear or see through cups are not allowed in addition to any kind of solo cup.

Anyone in violation of the beverage policy will be asked to leave the premises immediately and may be suspended for the remainder of the season.
Additionally your team may suffer a game forfeit.

Fireworks & Barbeques :
Absolutely no fireworks of any kind are allowed on or near our fields. That includes Sparklers, Flame throwers, Molotov Cocktails and anything else you can think of! Some parks allow for barbeques and only during tournaments and special events.

Ask your WAKA representative for specifics concerning your park before you bring a barbeque.


All trash must be picked up before you leave the field. Trash cans are available throughout most parks. In the event that there are no trash cans nearby you must provide a plastic garbage bag for your trash.

Most of our parks have rest rooms or porta potties. In the event that your park does not or if it is closed. Do not use use the caveman method and do your business in bushes or even worse in the open. You may get a ticket and we may loose the permit to use the park

Players and visitors must park in marked or approved spots. Just because we have a permit to be there does not allow us to break the law. WAKA is not liable and will not reimburse anyone for parking tickets or cars that are towed.

Check your local league website to see if your park has a rainout line. 
WAKA League Representatives generally email the players as soon as we are notified that the park has canceled the games.
Note: We will stop playing in the event of lightning.