Registration Information

<p><strong>Captains</strong></p><ul><li class="rteleft">Are you a captain or aspiring captain wondering about how to start a team?&nbsp;&nbsp;First you want to register yourself, then start a &quot;friend group&quot;.&nbsp; Your friend group will become a team* after registration closes (*assuming you have enough players signed up).&nbsp; If you don&#39;t have enough players signed up by the deadline, its not a big deal, we will add a small group or free agents to your team to make a full roster!</li></ul><p class="rteleft"><strong>Small Groups</strong></p><ul><li class="rteleft">Do you have a group of friends (anywhere from 2-15 players) who would like to sign up and play on the same team&nbsp;together?&nbsp; No problem!&nbsp; What you want to do is register and&nbsp;start a &#39;friend group&#39;.&nbsp; After registration closes, your friend group will be merged with other friend group(s) or free agents to make a full team.</li></ul><p class="rteleft"><strong>Free Agents</strong></p><ul><li class="rteleft">Plan on going solo?&nbsp; Perfect.&nbsp; Nearly 50 percent of the players in WAKA leagues first started as free agents or small friend groups.&nbsp; That&#39;s how easy it is to meet new people and make new friends.&nbsp; So don&#39;t worry - go ahead and sign up and we&#39;ll be sure to check with you to put you on a fun team that&#39;s a perfect fit for you!</li></ul><p class="rteleft"><strong>Corporations</strong></p><ul><li class="rteleft">Thinking your company would be interested in sponsoring a whole&nbsp;squad for a good&nbsp;team-building/networking activity?&nbsp; No problem.&nbsp; When you register you&#39;ll see an option for you to pay for any number of individuals.&nbsp; Then you&#39;ll get an email with coupon codes which you can pass out to your players when they register.</li></ul><div class="rtecenter"><strong><a href="">CA Surf City Home</a></strong></div>