Preseason - This Is The Week That Will Be

Hi everyone!

Sorry about the length, but I like to type. Future emails will definitely be much smaller. Almost definitely.

I am looking forward to seeing you all tonight at On The Roxx, downtown Greenville (next to Rio Grill). Meet and greet starts at 6:00 and goes until we all go home. Captains meeting and rules clinic starts at 7:00. Captains, please be there or designate someone to represent you since I will have your team shirts.

Ok, league specifics:

BAR – I am still working on this and we will have a bar by next week even if I have to start my own. In the mean time, I am going to try and get us some more good specials at On The Roxx for Friday. They have $1 jello shots all the time so you should plan on having several of those. I have a tendency to make castles out of the plastic containers…

This week, please plan on being at the field by 6:30. We will have a quick overview of the rules and time for any questions.

Reffing: All teams will either be playing or reffing at 7:00 and 8:00 so it is very important to be on time. Normally we will have one team reffing per field but because of the schedule and the number of new teams I would like two people from Motorboaters to be home plate refs at 7:00 and two veterans from I’d Hit That! to be home plate refs at 8:00. Swift Kick in the Grass and Offensive Language will need to supply three refs each as well to ref the other bases during the times they are not playing.

Rockstar Award – The Rockstar award goes to the team that is the craziest, most fun, best dressed, and awesome team out on the field that week. The winner of the Rockstar award this season gets a team sized, decorated cooler filled with adult beverages. I personally think this is WAY better to win than the league championship so start your planning today. The weekly winner will be nominated and voted on each week, and announced in that week’s This Was The Week That Was (TWTWTW).

TWTWTW – This is the weekly newsletter that has all of the week’s information inside. It will also have write-ups about your games so you should have a volunteer on your team to email the interesting tidbits about your game to me. If you don’t send anything in, then we just make up some ridiculous stuff about your team’s impropriety with a bear. Or a Llama. It just depends on how we are feeling.

Superstar Award – The person with the best play of the night. If you want to nominate someone during the game or at the bar, let me know who it is and what awesome thing they did. Each week’s winner will be announced in TWTWTW and the following week will get a bucket or pitcher of beer. Sounds like a darn good award to me.

Schedule – The captains voted to have double headers (and thus more games!) so two teams will have a double header each week except for the week of Halloween. The full schedule will be posted on the website later today. This week we have the following games:

At 7pm on field 1: I’d Hit That! Vs. Balls and Dolls

Kirk Herbstreit: Well I normally cover college football, but due to a small incident involving a motorcycle, a pony, a large block of ice, three ping pong balls and a statue of Bill Nye the Science Guy, I find myself here covering Greenville Kickball. I’d Hit That! has a good number of veterans on their team, but I’m not sure how they will match up against the Balls and Dolls this season. BaD were BAD last season having not won any games at all, but I think they are posed to make a comeback. More importantly I hear they are going for the coveted rockstar award this season and are worried more about their outfits than the outcome. I’m calling the game, so I can’t make a pick, but if the Balls and Dolls can keep the ball down on their kicks they should have a chance, albeit a small one against what is looking like a contender in I’d Hit That!

At 7pm on field 2: Pink Tacos Vs. Swift Kick In The Grass

Kirk Herbstreit: This is your typical match-up of brains vs brawn. I’ve heard that Swift Kick is a team coming all the way from Clemson to play, but they have a very difficult opener against Pink Tacos. The Pink, as they like to be called, is last season’s champion The Green Team. The Pink have most of their starters returning and are leaner than last season. That roster size may play against them later in the season as the starters start getting tired. Meanwhile, Swift Kick has been planning all off-season for this game. They have a plethora of talent, but they are a young team. My pick: The Pink Tacos are the favorites to win the championship this season and I’ll choose them here – Pink Tacos

At 8pm on field 1: Offensive Language Vs. Motorboaters

Kirk Herbstreit: We have another new team with some veterans in Offensive Language playing against another team with a lot of history. Motorboaters are coming off a rough season where they had a lot of fun, but were not able to make enough happen on the field. Offensive Language is unproven, but something tells me that they will be a force to reckon with this year. I have the Motorboaters as my dark horse to win the title, but I fear they will be upset in this game. My pick: Offensive Language

At 8pm on field 2: Balls and Dolls Vs. Pink Tacos

Kirk Herbstreit: The Balls and Dolls better look good in their new unis or else there is not going to be much of a reason to watch this game. The Pink Tacos will be warmed after facing Swift Kick In The Grass so they should rumble to a win. The Balls and Dolls have a lot of talent and have been known to pull an upset here and there, so if the Pink Tacos are looking past them’ to the bar, it is possible something special could happen. Once again, I’m calling the game so I can’t make a pick, but a key to the game will be the motivation of both teams to get to the bar afterward.