This Was The Week That Was - Week 2

Sorry this is a bit late. Kirk Herbstreit came down with a bit of a cold following this week’s incident and wasn’t able to make his picks until the last minute.

BAR: Our season bar is Eastside Jimmy's! They are right down the street from the fields. Many of you will remember them as Brick City Grill. They are run by the same great owners and people, but they are now more of a bar atmosphere. They will be giving us happy hour specials all night, so it should be a good time.

For those with GPS, the address is 215 Pelham rd Suite 206, Greenville, SC 29615

Directions: Turn right out of Butler Springs park and follow Butler Springs Rd to Pelham. Turn right on Pelham and prepare to turn right again into the Publix shopping center. Turn right into the Publix shopping center. East side Jimmy's is on the left side.

LAST WEEK: (brought to you by Chris and EK)

BTW if you want better write ups, send them in. Next week you may get narration from the next Harry Potter movie. Just sayin.

Pink Tacos 6 – Swift Kick In The Grass 0
The first match of the season pitted the defending league champions against a brand new team. Swift Kick In The Grass quickly showed they have what it takes to succeed in this league by bringing a portable flip-cup table. Once the game started, however, the well-experienced Pink Tacos took control and gave Swift Kick a first time to remember.

Motorboaters 1 – Offensive Language 2
The second match on field one pitted a Motorboaters team with a lot of heritage but also a lot of new faces vs. another new team. The Motorboaters are always a threat to take the title, and Offensive Language is looking to make a name for themselves in the league. In a match that I have no information on other than the victors, Offensive Language beat Motorboaters. (Editor: I hear this was a great game that came down to the final inning where Offensive Language was able to inch out a win. Kirk Herbstreit was quite pleased with himself at picking the upset here)

Balls and Dolls 4 – I’d Hit That 1
The first match on field 2 pitted a veteran heavy Balls and Dolls vs. an I’d Hit That filled with a mix of veterans and newcomers. Balls and Dolls were looking to shake off the effects of the previous season’s efforts that had concluded without a win. I’d Hit That took to the attack from the beginning and placed a bribe (Editor: delicious jello shot made with some un-identifiable delicious liquid) with the Head Official. Once the game started I’d Hit That quickly banged an early score for the lead. However Balls and Dolls began to show their greater experience in ball handling (Editor: enter lascivious joke here) and were able to prevent any further scoring against them, and were also able to work a few runs across themselves. In the end, the Balls and Dolls celebrated ending their losing streak with a well earned victory.

Balls and Dolls 4 – Pink Tacos 2
The Balls and Dolls were quickly given a chance to turn that win into a winning streak; however, they couldn’t have chosen a harder team to convert against. Both teams were really up for this game and it was a well played affair. Balls and Dolls were able to grab an early 2 run lead with some clutch 2 out kicking with runners in scoring position. The Pink Tacos are not ones to take it laying down, though, and they quickly struck back with a run of their own. Some sparkling defense by the Ball’s center-fielder was able to limit the damage to that single run. In the later innings the Ball’s again were able to pick up a clutch 2 out kick and bring across another 2 runs. The Pink Tacos were able to grab another run, but in what is certainly the upset of the week, the Balls and Dolls (editor: ate) the Pick Tacos to take a lead in the standings. The Balls and Dolls proved they are not the same team as last year, while the Pink Tacos will certainly be looking forward to the rematch to prove this was not a fluke.

Rockstar team of the week:
Swift Kick in the Grass had a stellar outing for their first kickball game. They came armed with a flip cup table and a shotski to out maneuver all of the other teams, including a distant second Balls and Dolls. SKITG also had an excellent showing at the bar. They are this week’s Rockstars!

Superstar of the week:
Jason Herndon had an amazing over the shoulder backwards running catch (Kirk: “Great snatch!!”) in the outfield for the Balls and Dolls this week. Without that catch the B&Ds would have seen four runs come across, all but ending their hopes of victory against last season’s champs, the Pink Tacos. Here’s to hoping Jason chooses to share his bucket of beer with some of his teammates!


7pm field 1 – Motorboaters vs. Pink Tacos (Balls and Dolls ref)
Kirk Herbstreit: So after another embarrassing debacle while down at Auburn involving a dog chew toy, some lunch meat, and a Segway, I find myself back in Greenville for kickball. Luckily I am starting to like it here. I was 2-0 last week in games I was able to pick. Off to a good start. In any case, Our first match-up could be a preview of the championship game later this season, though I imagine the Balls and Dolls would have something to say about that. Motorboaters played a fantastic game last week but came out just short of the win, losing on the last play of the game. A loss like that hurts a lot and it may be enough to beat them twice. That said, Pink Tacos had a very difficult loss last week also to the Balls and Dolls, last season’s basement team. After a loss like that, many teams will try and overcompensate, and thus take themselves right out of the next game. That said, I think the Pink Ta cos are going to start roughly, but come out on top in this one. The Motorboaters will be looking good, but will have one inning where it all falls apart. I’m going to take The Pink in this one.

7pm field 2 – Offensive Language vs. I’d Hit That (Swift Kick In The Grass ref)
Kirk: Well you have the two teams that are a bit of a mash up of old and new. Offensive Language was able to pull out an upset win over the Motorboaters last week with a final inning rally. I’d Hit That had some trouble against The Balls and Dolls. I think this one goes pretty fast. Offensive Language has shown that they can hang with the big boys; where I’d Hit That hasn’t proven anything yet, but may be able to start their campaign anew. Offensive Language is going to take this one by a slim margin. My pick – Offensive Language

8pm field 1 – Balls and Dolls vs. Swift Kick In The Grass (Offensive Language ref)
Kirk: Normally I wouldn’t be able to call this game, but since I have to go to PTI I won’t be available for game time. Swift Kick In the Grass got off to a good start last week winning the Rockstar award by bringing a table and playing flip cup with an unidentified liquid. I believe I also saw a ski on the field. Hard to pass them up for that award! Balls and Dolls looked good in their geeks and cheerleaders costumes, especially Jared who decided to go as Coach Tressel with a very hot sweater vest. It just wasn’t enough to pull off the rockstar victory. I don’t think they minded though since they beat last season’s champions. Having vaulted from worst to first, at least for a week, they come in to this game as something as rare as a sober Brittany Spears, the favorites to win the game! I don’t think Swift Kick in the Grass has their cleats under them yet and I believe Balls an d Dolls will win this one, assuming they have enough to play. Special shout out to Jason Herndon, Balls and Dolls center fielder and winner of last week’s superstar award for making an incredible catch that saved four runs and allowed the Balls and Dolls to post a “W”. My pick – Balls and Dolls

8pm field 2 – I’d Hit That vs. Motorboaters (Pink Tacos ref)
Kirk: If I have picked correctly, I’d Hit That will be reeling from their second straight loss and will be heading into this confrontation with a high BAC. While the bribery will continue, I think that the Motorboaters will start a winning streak of their own and post their first “W” of the season. The Motorboaters should be a force to reckoned with following their “pre-season” games. I’ll pick the Motorboaters here.