This Was The Week That Was - Week 3

Last Week: (brought to you by Chris Foster)

Motorboaters 2 - Pink Tacos 7
In the first game on Field 1 both the Motorboaters and Pink Tacos looked to get over losses from last week. The Motorboaters were missing their starting pitcher and sources close to TWTWTW state that a voodoo practitioner (Editor: not sanctioned by Greenville Kickball) had been hired. The Motorboaters were down but not out, and a spirited game ensued. Unfortunately, most of the details of this game were lost as everyone was mesmerized by a llama walking across the field late in the game. In the end, the Pink Tacos were able to get back to their winning ways and ground out a 7-2 final score.

Offensive Language 4 – I’d Hit That 2
Offensive language was looking to capitalize on their win in week 1 vs. I’d Hit That! who were looking to right the ship after a hard fought loss in week 1. The battle lines were drawn before the game even started when the Rock/Paper/Scissors battle lasted 6 rounds before finding a winner. Rumor was spreading that I’d Hit That was looking to sign Air Bud to add some speed to their lineup. When the talks broke down I’d Hit That! went back to bribing the refs. They also brought in The Dread Pirate Roberts. Once the game started, Offensive Language showed that their performance last week was no fluke and took an early lead. I’d Hit That! proved to be quick studies and were able to tie the game late. After 6 innings the score remained tied. Both teams realized that we are a few states removed from where it is considered ok to kiss your sister and agreed to play an extra inning to dec lare a winner. Offensive Language was able to find some late offense and won the game in 7 innings.

Balls and Dolls 4 – Swift Kick in the Grass 3
Balls and Dolls looked to keep their perfect record intact while Swift Kick planned to spoil it. Swift Kick proved to be tough competition despite their rookie status and gave the Balls and Dolls all they could handle. When the Queen of England made a surprise visit to her luxury box during the game it caused quite a stir. Six innings were not enough to decide this game and with the example from the early game both teams choose to go to extra innings to declare a winner. The Balls and Dolls were able to deliver a walk off kick in the bottom of the 7th to grab the victory.

Motorboaters 3 – I’d Hit That! 7
The late game on field 2 had two teams desperate to avoid getting swept on the double header. The Motorboaters were coming off a well played game vs. The Pink Tacos and I’d Hit That continued to gel as a team with every inning played. I’d Hit That! decided to double the ref bribe before the game. Once the game started, I’d Hit That! showed some of the offensive prowess missing from their previous games and grabbed a quick 6-0 lead. The Motorboaters fought back and grabbed 3 runs in the fourth inning. However, I’d Hit That! was able to prevent further damage and grabbed a 7-3 victory. I’d Hit That relished their first victory while the Motorboaters know they are playing too well to remain winless.

Midseason Bar Hunt: Next Friday, October 8 we will be having our midseason bar hunt. Details will be following next week.

Rockstar Award: Motorboaters
The Motorboaters were well represented at Eastside Jimmy’s and having a great time. Congratulations guys. To all the other teams, time to step it up!! Themes and pure awesomeness are the name of the game!

Superstar Award: Derek from Swift Kick in the Grass
Nominated by his captain, Derek from Swift Kick in the Grass made a spectacular play. After drinking a great deal of “Jersey Juice” Derek almost tripped headfirst into the fence while trying to catch a ball. When he was up to kick, Derek was sure to be thrown out by the other team at first… until Derek dove to the ground ducking from the ball, got up ran and somehow got on first base. It has been called the play of the game. Bonus points to Derek for somehow still being able to get up early the next day to run the 5k Race for the Cure. Derek, see me this week at the bar.

Old Timer’s Day: This week is Old Timer’s Day. Way back in the day, to a time just a few of us old veterans can remember, kickball in Greenville was played on the dirt fields. We used the little league/softball bases, pitched from the mound, batted from the batter’s box and the teams used the dugouts. This Friday, it all happens again for Old Timer’s Day. We’ll be set up on the dirt, so plan on having some good dirty fun!

Field 1 7:00 Offensive Language vs. Balls and Dolls Ref: Pink Tacos
Kirk Herbstreit: Here I am in Greenville again this week following an incident involving a panda, some bamboo (for the panda), some plastic wrap, and lip gloss. I’ll be calling this game this week, so I can’t make a pick, but some keys to the game will be consistency in fielding the ball from the Balls and Dolls and run production from Offensive Language. The Balls and Dolls have been on a roll lately and will look to continue their streak. Offensive Language tasted victory last week and will want some more. I think this is going to be a hard fought game, and if both teams can keep the fielding errors down, should be a great game.

Field 2 7:00 Swift Kick in the Grass vs. Motorboaters Ref: I’d Hit That
Kirk: Both Swift Kick in the Grass and the Motorboaters have yet to taste victory this season. In the game that someone doesn’t actually HAVE to win, I might be tempted to go with the elusive tie as my pick this week. Swift Kick comes in starting to gel and learn as a first season team. Motorboaters have had some tough losses including a not so close battle with I’d Hit That! last week. The Motorboaters have proven in previous seasons that they are a team to watch out for, but only when the pieces are all present. Assuming all of the starters are playing, I’ll pick the Motorboaters here. If they are missing, I’ll take Swift Kick.

Field 1 8:00 Pink Tacos vs. I’d Hit That Ref: Balls and Dolls
Kirk: The Pink Tacos have rebounded from their loss to the Balls and Dolls in week one, but where will they end up when playing an I’d Hit That! team that seems to be growing in strength every game. Many players of The Pink may be looking forward to Vegas the following week and I’d Hit That! could capitalize. I am certain that there will be copious amounts of ref bribery by I’d Hit That! as well. This one could be closer than many think if I’d Hit That! can have their infield gel. But I think the experience of Pink Tacos will be too much to overcome. I’ll pick the Pink Tacos.

Field 2 8:00 Swift Kick in the Grass vs. Offensive Language Ref: Motorboaters
Kirk: Offensive Language has been on a tear this season, starting 2-0 and possibly coming into this game leading the league if they beat the Balls and Dolls in their first game. Swift Kick have a chance here if they can come together and limit the run production of Offensive Language. That said, there is a good chance that Swift Kick will be enjoying themselves a great deal following their earlier opportunity to drink an unidentifiable delicious liquid. As such, Swift Kick will be the real winners in this game, though I’ll pick Offensive Language to win on the scoreboard.