This Was The Week That Was - Week 4

Congratulations to 5’11” and Hits Like a Truck! The winners of the Spring season in Greenville made the trip out to Vegas for the Founder’s Cup tournament. Founder’s Cup pits all the best teams in the world against one another for the World Kickball Championship. 5’11” was ranked #24 of 56 teams in the tournament and was the number 2 seed in their pool. After taking second place in the pool and advancing to the single elimination bracket they fought a hard game against one of the best teams in the country. They didn’t win the championship, but they now have the critical experience for next year… assuming they can advance out of the league. Want to go to Vegas? Be in the league championship game and you have the chance to go!

I’ve had a couple of requests to put this week’s information up front and last week’s info toward the end, so here you go.

Field 1 - 7:00: Motorboaters vs. I’d Hit That Ref: Balls and Dolls
Kirk Herbstreit: Well after that Alabama loss to South Carolina that I predicted I went out to celebrate! Unfortunately, riding a stolen pony through downtown while shooting six shooter cap guns and singing oompa loompa songs is not something the police find amusing. Too bad too, because I was just getting to the good part about the golden eggs and being spoiled and… oh well, I might as well get on with the kickball predictions. Both of these teams finally have their first win of the season behind them. In the first match, I’d Hit That came out much stronger in a 7-3 win. The Motorboaters were my dark horse prediction to win this season, and so far they have not shown any of the power we are used to. They have had some critical absences in key games and this game is another that could sneak up on them. I’d Hit That has been trying to find their stride since the beginning of the season and might be able to find a win here. I still believe that the Motorboaters have a good chance in the tournament if they can shake these early jitters, though it may be too late to win the regular season at this point. I’ll take the Motorboaters to win a close one.

Field 2 - 7:00: Offensive Language vs Swift Kick In The Grass Ref: Pink Tacos
Kirk: Offensive Language vaulted to the top of the standings with last week’s win over the surprising Balls and Dolls squad. The score in that one was close, 3-2 in extra innings and it looks like Offensive Language is a bit tired of not getting any recognition as a contender for the season title. Swift Kick In The Grass is still struggling to find a win in their first season on the kickball field. Rookie teams usually have a rough start, but seem to start finding their moxie in week 4. This being week 4, this will still be a very difficult challenge against the league’s top team. I believe Offensive Language will roll in this one but Swift Kick In The Grass should find a win at some point in this season. Offensive Language will continue to sit at the top of the standings after this week.

Field 1 - 8:00: Pink Tacos vs. Balls and Dolls Ref: Motorboaters
Kirk: Since I am calling the game I can’t make a prediction, but some keys will be the bounce back for the Balls and Dolls and if the Pink Tacos who went to Vegas are fully recovered from their kickball odyssey from last week. There is no doubt that the Pink Tacos are looking for some revenge after the early season surprising loss to the Balls and Dolls. Last season’s basement team seems to have found their stride and this game should be another close one. The Pink Tacos may be reeling from some heavy travel in the past week, not to mention the quadruple header from last Saturday, but I believe they will be able to dig deep and take on the competition. They may also have learned a few things and might be ready to plow through the remainder of the season. This is the battle for second place in the league and would be one step closer to securing that first round tournament bye.

Field 2 - 8:00: I’d Hit That vs. Offensive Language Ref: Swift Kick in the Grass
Kirk: In their first matchup, Offensive Language was able to find a win against a still gelling I’d Hit That. With the first game score of 4-2, this one may not be as close. I’d Hit That will be well “lubricated” from the now notorious jello and should be just keeping it together for this double header. Offensive Language, on the other hand, will be coming off what they may consider a tune up game (Editor: Sorry SKITG) and will be more than ready to play after the off week. I’d Hit That will likely play some good kickball for four innings, but since they play 6, they’ll be in a little trouble. I’ll take Offensive Language in this one to extend both their winning streak and lead in the standings.

Midseason Party
The midseason party will be this week right after the games at Sharkeys Pub in downtown Greenville. Make sure to get a wrist band from Karl before going to the bar. They’ll be checking them when you go to get beer from the keg. Speaking of which, we’ll have a keg in the back of the bar for the kickballers for as long as they last. If copious amounts of this delicious free beverage don’t go to flip cup I will be sorely disappointed. Don’t forget that if you need to stay to ref, you will need to STAY TO REF. Besides, The party don’t start till I walk in! (couldn’t resist)

New Bar
Speaking of Sharkeys Pub; they will be our new after games bar. Eastside Jimmy’s closed down last week which is incredibly unfortunate. If you guys are nice, I’ll do my best to not get this one closed down.

Sharkeys will have a few pretty good specials for us including:
2 for 1 apps of chicken tenders, fried pickles, onion rings, chips and salsa, and cheese stix
$10 Bud light buckets
$2 bud light draft
$7 bud light pitchers
$1.50 Natural light
$3 tall boys
$5 Car Bombs
$0.39 wings and shrimp

Rockstar of the week
The Motorboaters are the Rockstars of the week for granting the over the fence rule. While no kick came remotely close (being 230 feet away) it is always nice to make up and agree on additional rules for any game. Especially one as tantalizing as instant victory.

Superstar of the week
Goes to Chris Foster for running kickball last week due to my unfortunate car situation that had absolutely nothing to do with drinking large amounts of Oktoberfest flavored beer. I appreciate the help and I owe you a pitcher of beer and enough car bombs to make you want to jump off a roof and into a pool. Which I would never allow you to do. Without my videotaping it.

Friday of Halloween
Fair warning: we are TWO WEEKS away from Halloween. There will be a best team theme costume contest and a best individual costume overall contest. The prize: alcohol of course! Start planning your costumes now!

Game 1 Field 1: Offensive Language 3 – Balls and Dolls 2
Offensive Language took on the undefeated Balls and Dolls in a match that would decide who sat at the top of the league in the midseason break. Balls and Dolls were missing their pitcher for the 2nd straight week as Karl was stuck out of town due to a mysterious flat tire. Offensive Language has shown they know how to play early this season and looked to prove they belonged at the top of the league. A very tight match ended with Offensive Language preventing Balls and Dolls from completing back to back perfect seasons. The final score was Offensive Language 3 – 2 Balls and Dolls.

Game 1 Field 2: Motorboaters 7 - Swift Kick In The Grass 3
With their starting pitcher back the Motorboaters looked to get in the win column vs. a rapidly improving Swift Kick In The Grass. With the outfield fence a tantalizing 230 feet away (227 if you pull it down the lines) it was decided that a ball knocked out of the park would grant instant victory. Several kicks in the game came quite close, landing almost halfway to the fence. The Motorboaters were able to grab some 2 out magic that had been missing so far in the season and grabbed 7 runs even though they only scored in 2 innings. The final score was Motorboaters 7 – 3 Swift Kick In The Grass.

Game 2 Field 1: Pink Tacos 4 - I'd hit That 0
The second game on field 1 pitted the Vegas bound Pink Tacos vs. I’d Hit That. I’d Hit That were on a high from winning their first game of the season in the previous week. Unfortunately for them the Pink Tacos are the defending league champions and playing like it. I’d Hit That didn’t have the moves to play like their name and the Pink Tacos were able to coast to victory. The final score was Pick Tacos 4 – 0 I’d Hit That.

Game 2 Field 2: Offensive Language 3 - Swift Kick In The Grass 0
Offensive Language had to immediately defend their position atop the league as they completed their doubleheader vs. Swift Kick In The Grass. While their name may be Offensive Language they are doing their talking with their defense. Offensive Language apparently decided this week was sponsored by the Number 3 given that the final score was Offensive Language 3 – 0 Swift Kick In The Grass.