Summer 2015 Fun Rules

Week 2 (7/23/2015)
Backward Bases - Run the bases in reverse order. Third base is now first base, and first base is third base. If you run the wrong way, you must pass back through the kicking box before proceeding (i.e., you cannot run across the field). If you don't cross back through the kicking box, you will be called out according to the baseline rule.
Drink-In-Hand - You must have a drink in your hand at all times when you are on the field, at the plate kicking, or running the bases. If you are caught without a drink on defense, you have to sit the rest of the inning out on defense. If you are caught on offense without a drink you will be called out. The drink does not have to be alcohol, and you cannot put the drink down to make a play.

Small Ball - The game will be played with a 8.5 inch youth size kickball. There are no restrictions to pitching other than those already specified in the rules.
Dodgeball - If the fielder attempts to red hot a runner and the runner can safely catch the ball, the runner is safe at the intended base. The fielder who attempted to tag the runner must take the bench for the remainder of the inning and the defense plays down one player. When the ball is caught by a runner, the play ends. Runners may not catch the ball after they have safely reached the base.