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Ghost Man on Third is your weekly kickball newsletter detailing the reported events of last Tuesday. I’ve italicized “reported” because that’s what gets printed. You are all the reporters. Every week, you get the opportunity to send in a write-up of your game and your adventures at the Mill. I print them. Remember, Herodotus was “the father or history and the father of lies.” If you don’t send in your side of a story, you run the risk of people believing the other team’s side. If neither side sends in a report, you run the risk of everyone thinking you’re douches.

Write-ups should be sent to me by Wednesday at 6 p.m. I send them to the Webmaster Blaster shortly after that for a Friday posting of the newsletter.

Have a fun article you would like printed? Send it my way.

Have a missed connection? Send it my way.

Have a question about anything? Send it my way. (I mean anything. It can be on kickball, flipcup, women, Homeland Security, Chinese, Roman History, Voltron, Zaghareet, mountaineering, Social Security, Angel (the Buffy spin-off) or whatever. We’ll find answers for you. We’re that good. Did I just switch to using the royal “we”?)

What’s the e-mail for the kickball newsletter guy? Why it’s: admokickball at gmail dot com (I’m Andreau, BTW)