This Was The Week That Was - Playoffs


OK, first the good stuff:  Playoff week means Kirk is making his world famous Playoff Juice (PJ).  This is for everyone, so don’t bother bringing other delicious liquids unless you just have to have them.  Things to go with PJ are certainly welcome, as are cups.


The end of season party will be December 3.  Additional details will be coming.


This week we have playoffs and since we will be playing three rounds of games instead of just two we have a couple extra notes about game start times, length etc.


  1. The lights go out at 10:15.  They cannot be extended.  We will be on a very tight schedule, therefore:
  2. Games will go the SHORTER of 5 innings or 55 minutes.  The final inning will be the fifth, or the inning starting at or after 7:40 but no later than 7:48.   If you are starting the third inning at 7:45, you will only play three innings.
  3. Games are scheduled to begin at 6:50.  We will give an automatic extension until 7:00.  You MUST start play by 7:05.  If people are late and you do not have enough to play at 7:05 you forfeit.  No exceptions. 
  4. All 7:00 games will be concluded no later than 7:57.  If the last inning is not complete by 7:55 we will revert to the last complete inning.  If that inning was a tie, the game will be decided by paper, rock, scissors.
  5. All 8:00 games WILL start at 8:00.  If you are not ready to play at 8:00, you forfeit.  This goes for all teams.  There will not be a delay for late people, bathroom breaks etc.  
  6. All ties for round 1 and round 2 games can only start extra innings before (7:40, 8:40).  Otherwise it goes to paper, rock, scissors.  If the fifth inning ends at 7:41: paper, rock, scissors.  If the game is not decided by 7:55, regardless of completion of inning, see #4.
  7. All extra innings shall have the following modifications:  The last kicker from the previous inning shall be placed at second base.  The defending team may only have 8 fielders (4 men, 4 women)
  8. All 8:00 games will be concluded no later than 8:57.  If not complete, please see #4.
  9. Championship game will start at 9:00.  Again, there will be no delay in starting.
  10. We will play 6 innings for the championship, or the last inning will start at or after 9:55 if six innings have not been played.
  11. If the game is tied after 6 innings or called final inning, we will play until the lights go out.  If the game is not complete by the moment the lights go out, we will have paper, rock, scissors to get a champion.
  12. Delays:  Any obvious attempts at delaying the game towards the end will result in penalties to your team.  You will initially get a warning.  Following a warning, if you are kicking you will be issued an out.  If fielding, all runners will advance one base and the kicker will be awarded first base.  This will continue to occur for every delay including continuing delays approximately every 30 seconds.  This means if you are fielding and there is a runner on third and no other runners, if you are issued a penalty for delay the runner on third will score and the kicker will advance to first.
  13. Paper, Rock, Scissors:  Should it be necessary to decide a winner it shall be the best of three rounds.
  14. The higher seeded team gets to select if they want to be home or away.


Also, please remember your sportsmanship.  I mentioned it in last week’s email and this past week was a great time with no problems at all.


Also, being the playoffs, we will need to have refs ready to go at their designated times.

Refs must be ready to go at the beginning of the game.  If they are not, they forfeit their team’s game in the playoffs and any season awards for the team.

If you lose in the playoffs, especially in the first round, your team will still need to stay and ref according to the schedule below. 


Round 1  7:00

Game 1:  Field 1  #4 Balls and Dolls vs #5 I’d Hit That     Ref:  Pink Tacos

Game 2:  Field 2  #3 Motorboaters  vs  #6 Swift Kick In The Grass   Ref:  Offensive Language


Round 2  8:00

Game 3:  Field 1  Winner Game 1 vs #1 Offensive Language   Ref:  Loser Game 2

Game 4:  Field 2  Winner Game 2 vs #2 Pink Tacos   Ref:  Loser Game 1


Round 3  9:00

Game 5:  Championship  Field 1   Winner Game 3 vs Winner Game 4   Ref:  Selected Individuals



Rockstars:  The Rockstar award for last week goes to Swift Kick In The Grass for wearing thanksgiving attire.  Though they may have been a few weeks early, they were fantastic in their costumes and take the week’s Rockstar award.  This also makes them the season Rockstar award winners.  I’ll be decorating your team cooler and stocking it with all kinds of greatness this week.  I’ll be bringing it to the field so someone will need to plan on bringing it home with them.  Also, as it will be stocked with all kinds of delciousness, you should plan accordingly.


Superstar:  This week is a toss up between Rob and Karl for outstanding plays.  Rob had a fantastic play to throw the ball while laying on his back to get an out.  Rob particularly seemed to be quite proud of the accomplishment, and this from a guy with multiple homeruns under his belt.  Karl meanwhile was relegated to the role of second base as Shannon had a terrific outing as pitcher.  Following one diving fingertip catch (Kirk:  Great snatch!!) he followed it up with Shannon’s set up bounce play to catch the ball on the carom.  (Kirk: Great snatches!!)   As Rob has already been a superstar this season, and Karl gets to make the decision as to who gets it, the Superstar award naturally goes to Lori and Eric of the Pink Tacos for the fantasic assists of pouring delicous liquid out at second base during the Balls and Dolls, I’d Hit That matchup.  Congrats guys, come see me at the bar for your pitcher o’beer.  And Stephanie, last week’s winner, should also see me for her pitcher after Karl took a hint from a certain uniformed gentleman following the games last week.  Stephanie, I also owe you a panda bomb.  (That’s right I renamed it!  Not only is it more funny, but it also ticks off PETA)


Last Week:

Game 1 Field 1:  Pink Tacos vs Ofensive Language 

In a game that meant nothing, Kirk Herbstreit correctly picked the upset of Offensive Language by the Pink Tacos.  The Tacos won this one 7-3.


Game 1 Field 2:  Motorboaters vs Balls and Dolls

In the only game that could really change the standings, the Motorboaters were able to pull out the excellent victory.  Since I don’t have any record of the score, the Motorboaters pulled out a close one that was , lets say, 5-0.


Game 2 Field 1:  I’d Hit That vs Balls and Dolls

In what was clearly both the most fun and the most confusing and the most cold game of the season, I’d Hit That won somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-3.


Game 2 Field 2:  Motorboaters vs Swift Kick In The Grass

On the only score card that was both handed to me and actually ledgible, Motorboaters defeated Swift Kick In The Grass 4-1