This Was The Week That Was - Week 6

Last week of the regular season

This Week:
7:00 Field 1:  Pink Tacos vs Offensive Language     Ref: I’d Hit That
Kirk Herbstreit:  Yes, I am down here in Greenville for yet another week following an incident with what looked like a very convincing costume of a mounted policewoman on Halloween.  I thought I was just giving the guy in the horse costume a high five for getting a woman to ride him all night long.  How was I supposed to know that slapping a real horse on the butt would cause all that ruckus and count as assaulting an officer of the law?  Who ever heard of a horse being an officer of the law anyway?  So, to this week’s games.  The Pink Tacos are looking for a little revenge in this one.  They came into the season as the clear favorite to win it all, but following two losses in the regular season, they are firmly entrenched in second place.  While this one can’t change the standings, The Pink Tacos will definitely be looking for payback.  Meanwhile, Offensive Language has been on a roll all season winning all of their games to date.  Their strength has been exceptional defense, winning nearly all of their games by close margins.  When these two teams last met the game went down to the final out with a throwing error allowing the winning run to score.  I believe this one will also be a close game with defense being the key on both sides of the field.  The Pink Tacos have the stronger offense, but have a tendency to have a fielding error or two in a game.  Offensive Language is a little weaker in the kicking rotation, but rarely make a mistake on defense.  Unfortunately, all of the signs of an upset are there.  A team bent on payback, a game that can’t affect the standings, and the last week of the regular season before the playoffs.  I’ll take the Pink Tacos in the upset  for this one.

7:00 Field 2:  Motorboaters vs Balls and Dolls      Ref:  Swift Kick in the Grass
Kirk:  The Motorboaters took their first loss in four games last week against a very strong Offensive Language team.  The Balls and Dolls earned their first victory in four games following a fun game against Swift Kick in the Grass.  The last time these two teams met it was a story of two teams headed in different directions.  Oddly enough, the same can be said for this game.  This game should determine the team in third place.  If the Balls and Dolls win it, they will hold third place, lose and it will give the Motorboaters the opportunity to take third place for themselves with a win over Swift Kick in the Grass in the later game, or if both BaD and the Boaters have the same outcome in their later game the tie break would go to the Boaters.  I am calling the game for this one, so I can’t make a pick, but I’ll take the Balls and Dolls over the Motorboaters.

8:00 Field 1:  I’d Hit That vs Balls and Dolls        Ref:  Pink Tacos
Kirk:  In a battle mediocrity, I’d Hit That and the Balls and Dolls square off in what may be the newest greatest game of kickball in the season.  Negotiations are on-going but there is rumors of additional rules, including what has clearly  become the top added rule: no bunting.  Here is to hoping that these two teams can get the details worked out allowing for the greatest game ever played! (this season...).  I'm calling the game and thus can't make a pick but this one should be all about the awesomeness on the field, not the result.  

8:00 Field 2:  Swift Kick in the Grass vs Motorboaters      Ref:  Offensive Language 
Kirk:  Swift Kick in the Grass is still looking for that elusive first win.  In order to prevent the perfect season Swift Kick will need to make some headway against the Motorboaters.  Guaranteed the bottom spot in the standings, I believe Swift Kick will be putting all of their focus on winning the Rockstar of the week award to close out the competition before the playoffs week.  It would certainly be a great way to end the season, and more importantly, a great way to start the next season in Spring with their brand new team cooler.  The excellent beverages inside certainly help too.  The Motorboaters will be looking for this game to take over Third place, assuming they beat the Balls and Dolls earlier in the night.  I believe this one will likely be a lot of fun, but in the end, I'll take the Motorboaters to win this one. 

Halloween winners: 
The team category was a close match between Swift Kick In The Grass and the Balls and Dolls.  Swift Kick had many the player decked out in great costumes, but failed to follow any sort of true theme.  There were 80’s kids and all kinds of animals.  The Balls and Dolls were wearing all sorts of various superhero costumes.  In fact, the only one not wearing a superhero costume on the Balls and Dolls was Karl, who was dressed as a marshmallow.  With the Balls and Dolls having a great theme and their members all wearing great costumes, they win the team theme award.  Enjoy the Goldschläger guys!

The individual category was a bit more difficult.  There were many great costumes including the following honorable mentions:  Aaron Smith as Batman;  Ben the man ape, or mape if you will;  Killough as an excellent panda who also turned out to be a bit of a criminal… luckily there were some caped crusaders nearby…; Shannon Dugan as supergirl (which paled in comparison to Smurfette the next night I hear; Coleen Mills as Batgirl; and of course there was Jared Fedele as a three year old as a superhero.  Yes, that was a towel for a cape.  But there could only be one winner.     Regan Hayes was dressed excellently as Robin and, with Batman, helped fight back against their evil nemisis The Panda on the streets of Greenville.  Regan,  I’ll have your bottle of delicious Goldschläger this week (unless I forget it again, in which case I’ll owe you a car bomb [the drink, not the evil panda version] AND delicious Goldschläger)

Rockstar of the week:
With fantastic costumes and a great time at the bar, Swift Kick in the Grass takes another Rockstar of the week award.  For those wondering about the standings for the Rockstar award, it looks like this:  Swift Kick in the Grass lead it with 3 weeks, Motorboaters are second with two weeks, and the Balls and Dolls are in third with one week.  There are only two weeks left, but the playoffs count as two, so it is still anyone’s to grab!  Themes, bar representation and general crazyness all go into the decision

Superstar of the week:
This week’s superstar is Stephanie from I’d Hit That!  She was the only pitcher on the team to not give up an earned run.  See me for a pitcher O’beer to celebrate that 0.00 ERA!

Last Week:
Balls and Dolls vs Swift Kick in the Grass
In what may have been the greatest game of the season so far (as judged in units of fun, or funuts as they are called) Swift Kick In The Grass lost a close game with Balls and Dolls.  The two teams agreed on several additional rules before the game started.  Since bunting is not fun and makes for an incredibly boring game, bunting for guys was banned.  Second, the pitching was modified to allow only easy pitches.  This made for a plethora of big kicks.  Finally, instead of rock, paper, scissors a chug off was done to decide home and away.  After the guys tied in the first chug off, the girls went head to head.  There was no daintiness as SKITG won the chug off by mere moments and the funuts escalated from there on out.  The Balls and Dolls took the field first and held SKITG to zero runs, even with the easy pitching.  In the bottom of the first however, the Balls and Dolls were rolling through the order and scored many runs quickly making SKITG play from far behind.  Defense was the name of the game for both teams from that point until the fifth inning.  In the top of the fifth, SKITG was able to push across five after some excellent kicks down the lines.  After holding the Balls and Dolls in the bottom of the Fifth, SKITG started threatening with a kicker on first immediately.  Following two outs, the runner was able to make it to third.  With one out remaining, a base hit would tie the game.  The kicker was ready to boot a killer kick and round the bases for an infield home run.  The kick sailed up into the outfield, but was not deep enough.  The Balls and Dolls were able to catch it (Kirk: Great snatch!!) and end the game.  Balls and Dolls won it 6-5 over Swift Kick In The Grass.

Pink Tacos vs I’d Hit That
In what was clearly the most boring game of all time, The Pink Tacos defeated I’d Hit That 9-0.  The Pink Tacos came out firing on all cylinders quickly score runs, but in the second inning I’d Hit That employed the “we don’t give a crap if you bunt” defense where they literally ignored fielding any kick that was a bunt.  Amazingly, they did MUCH better defensively when employing this defense.  Pink Tacos 9-0 over I’d Hit That.

Motorboaters vs Offensive Language
Motorboaters and Offensive Language squared off in a pretty decent match.  Offensive Language ran out to a quick lead with five runs in the first inning.  The Motorboaters were perfect on defense after the first, but still needed to make up the run difference.  The Motorboaters were only able to muster one run in the second and two runs in the fifth before being shut down in the sixth to end the game.  Offensive Language 5-3 over the Motorboaters.