WAKA Dallas Bowling Rules



  • You will play 2 games starting at 7:30pm. At that time, scores are calculated based on what is complete for either team. You do not complete the frame if there are still people left to bowl. 
  • Minimum of one guy and one girl are required to avoid a forfeit. Up to 6 people can bowl at once.
  • If your team has less than 4 people, any missing players will be scored at an automatic 75. The only way 75 is added is if you have less than 4 people. If you have just 4 people, all of their scores count.  If you have more than 6 people, 2 people can share one score (every other frame, first half/second half, etc). 


  • 1 point awarded for winning each of the 2 games (Even matchups).
  • The third and final point will be awarded to the team scoring the most points when both games’ top 4 scores are added together (must have one person of the opposite sex in your top four).
  • If there is a tie score, the team with highest individual score wins the point. If there is still a tie, go to next highest scorer, until someone wins the game or extra point. 
  • Your team completes one game on one lane, then switches lanes (if requested) for the second game with that night’s competitor.  
  • Any questions about scoring or your opponent’s score must be addressed that night while both teams are present. 
  • Captains take picture of scores and agree with the opposing captain.
  • The winning team needs to email Matt O'neill the team name and score (3 to 0 or 2 to 1 are the only options) moneill@kickball.com ASAP.

The Golden Rules:

  • This is WAKA bowling, not pro bowling, if a pin does not get set out, then it’s a free pin. If a ball hits the gutter and pops out, the pins knocked down count. 
  • There is no foul line, but no one should intentionally step past the foul line for safety reasons.  
  • Practice proper bowler etiquette. If your lane is ready, and you are ready, make sure to check the bowler on each side of you. Do not take your approach at the exact same time either of them are taking their approach. It’s very distracting. 
  • Put your ball(s) back on the racks, turn in shoes, and clean-up your space at the end of each night. 
  • Playoffs will be 1 game match-ups, winners move on to next round. (Taking place the last two nights of play).

Wear your current season WAKA bowling shirt and proper bowling shoes are always required for everyone’s safety. 


Let’s Bowl.