Playoff Rules

Playoff-Specific Rules:

1. Start Times: All games have a strict 5 minute grace period from the scheduled start.

2. Attendance: Each team must have at least 4 members of each sex present on the field at this 5 minute mark, regardless of whether a team is Home or Away.
a) Teams not meeting this minimum will forfeit the game.
b) A team that does not have the proper minimum of four players of each sex participating at any time during the game forfeits the game.
c) Head Refs reserve the right to refuse play to any injured player and remove that player from the game.
d) Players removed from a game by a Head Ref may not participate in any other games that day.

3. Fielding: The higher ranked team, according to the final season standings, chooses whether their team will be Home or Away.

4. Line-Ups: Captains must exchange lineups.
a) Late players must be added to the end of the lineup
b) Late players must be made known to the Head Ref and the Captain of the opposing team
c) Captains must make known to the Head Ref any players wearing a team shirt but not participating.

5. Game Length: All games shall be 5 innings unless falling into one off the below categories:
a) At the end of the third inning or at the end of any full inning thereafter a team up by 12 or more runs automatically wins the game and the game is over;
b) The game may be called after 3 or 4 complete innings if there is no time to complete another inning within the allotted time. The allotted time will be determined by WAKA and enforced by the Head Referees. Any inning begun must be completed. The bottom of the final inning is unnecessary if the Home team is ahead. Teams deliberately delaying the game will be warned and sanctioned as necessary by the Head Referees.

6. Game End: In the event of a tie score after 5 innings, extra full innings shall commence until a winner is determined or until the allotted time expires. Each extra inning will be played with these modifications:
a) Place the last kicker from the previous inning on second base
b) Only 8 players - 4 of each sex - may play on the field during an inning. Kicking will continue through the lineup as usual.

Resolving Rule Controversies

Proper civility and respect must be observed by all players and referees toward one another at all times. Only Captains and Co-Captains may discuss the implementation of rules with the Head Referee during games and all players must accept the final ruling of the Head Referee. Judgment calls may not be questioned under any circumstances. Head Referees may seek clarification from other Head Referees or Senior Referees at their discretion. Reffing decisions and game results will stand as determined on the field.

Spirit of the Rules

The spirit of these rules is to ensure enjoyment of all participants through a fun environment. Head Referees are responsible for such enforcement. All participants are to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner throughout the event. If unclear about any part of these regulations, please consult with a WAKA Official or your Head Ref.

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