Thursday Night Football Charity Squares

We're trying out a new way of raising money for charity on a weekly basis by betting on Thursday Night Football! If you've never played Squares before, here's how it works:

A 10x10 grid will be laid out with one team on the X axis and the opposing team on the Y axis, with each row and column being assigned a number value between 0 and 9. Players buy squares on the grid for $1 each. At the end of the game, if you own the square which matches the last digit in BOTH team's scores, you win! Each game has a total of 100 squares, meaning a maximum pot of $100. CLUBWAKA will pay out 50% to the winner and donate the remaining 50% to the charity each week! If nobody wins, the pot is banked for the next week!

Columns and rows are assigned number values at random after the squares are no longer for sale at 5 PM each Thursday, so you never know what numbers you're going to end up with. There is no limit to how many squares you can buy!

The first game we'll be betting on is the Sept 15th matchup between the Jets and the Bills. To play, follow these simple steps:

  1. Look at the spreadsheet to see what squares are available. The embedded document refreshes every 5 minutes, check the DIRECT LINK TO THE SPREADSHEET for instant updates.

  2. Use the form below the spreadsheet to enter your information and pick your squares. Use the form multiple times to choose multiple squares!

  3. ​Send $1 per square claimed to @Stephen-Moursund on Venmo. You will not be eligible to win if you don't pay for your squares before the game begins.

    The embedded grid refreshes on a 5 minute timer, check the LIVE SPREADSHEET to confirm squares are available.

Thank you for playing and good luck!