BeerBash Rules

Everyone plays these games differently. Please familiarize yourself with the rules below to facilitate game play on game day.

BeerPong Rules

1. Teams are composed of 2 players.
2. Cups are stacked in a pyramid of 10. Each side gets two balls to throw.
3. The team to start is decided by a head to head toss (while staring at each other). First side to make it starts. If both sides make it on the same rotation, the toss continues with the opponents.
4. Bounces can be swatted once they hit the table.
5. No blowing or fingering the ball out of the cup.
6. If each player sinks a cup they get the balls back for another turn.
7. Intentional bounce-in off the table worth 2 cups (the drinking team chooses which two other cups to pull) and the throwing team gets the balls back.
8. If a ball is bounced in and thrown into the same cup, this still only counts as 2 cups.
9. Two re-racks whenever you request them
10. There is no collecting of beers. Beers must be consumed before the individual throws.
11. If a team catches or swats a shot before it hits the table or a cup, that team has to pull a cup off.
12. Redemption rules, overtime is 3 cups per side.

FlipCup Rules

1. Teams consist of 7 players, with a optional 8th alternate player
2. Once the tournament begins, teams can only consist of the players that have been registered on that team. Players cannot play on a team that they are not properly registered. Players can only play for one team. Any team playing an improperly registered player will forfeit the match.
3. The higher ranked team will choose the side of the table they wish to play on.
4. Each player fills their cup with a small amount of beer. A good rule of thumb is to go up to the first line of your cup. There is no maximum, but cups must be filled at least half way to the bottom line. Referees can force to add more beer.
5. The first player at the starting side will be assigned cup #1 and so on down the line. The game starts when both Player #1's tap each other's cup, tap the table, and then drink (i.e. “tap-down-drink”, or "The Gentleman's Start"). From there each team’s Player #1 will drink the amount of beer in the cup. Then they will place the cup FACE UP on the edge of the table and proceed to flip the cup until it lands FACE DOWN. Then Player #2 can drink their beer and proceed to flip, and so on down the line until all team members have flipped.
6. The first team to flip all of their cups wins that round.
7. Players who do not start the game cannot touch their cup until the prior player has successfully flipped his or her cup.
8. Players can use both hands to grab or balance the cup, but only one hand is permitted to make the flip.
9. A cup may make contact with an inanimate object on the table before settling. This is still a legal flip.
10. If the cup falls off the table, there is an illegal flip, or flip simply isn’t completed, the player must retrieve the same cup and re-flip.
11. The finals will be decided by the winner of two out of three matches.
12. TIES: if the ref judges the final flip to be a tie, the entire round will be replayed.
(A) If a player spills too much beer during a flip, they will receive one warning. The second infraction will result in a double pour of beer, as determined by the referee. Subsequent infractions will result in an additional cup for that player on the following round. When starting or finishing, the multiple cups will collectively count as one single cup.
(B) Players may never leave the table during matches for any reason, such as sickness, bathroom breaks, or smoke breaks. If the team doesn't have enough people to play, they will be forced into a forfeit.
(C) If a player pukes, they are out for the remainder of the tournament.

King of the Table Rules

1. This can be described as individual Survivor. You can have as many players as your table will hold. The whole table will hold their cups over the Ref’s out stretched hand. At the whistle blow, players will all tap their cups on the surface and then flip their cups simultaneously.
2. After a player flips his/her cup, they should step away from the table and lift their hands to help the Ref spot the last flipper. If the Ref judges it to be a tie, the two last players will have a flip-off.
3. The last person to flip his/her cup is eliminated. Play continues until only one player remains.
4. Any players that begin to flip prior to the whistle blow can be eliminated at the Ref’s discretion.

Survivor Flip Cup

1. Survivor Flip Cup follows the same general rules as a standard match except after each game the losing team votes off a player. The rest of the team will have to make up for the loss by 1 player drinking 2 cups. So if there were 7 players initially playing and then they vote 1 off, the remaining 6 players would have to still account for 7 cups and so on until 1 player would have 7 cups. Play continues until all opposing players are eliminated.
2. Players always start in cup order. Whoever has cup #1 starts, then after a player is voted off, whoever has cup #2 starts. It is possible that the same person could start all of the games depending on what cups they are accountable for.

The ultimate judgment in any game will go to a tourney referee. All decisions are final and cannot be reversed. If you have any questions, please email Devon Jay

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