Life of the Party

It may be nice to put a few notches in the win column, but WAKA kickball isn't only about what happens on the field.  Sometimes kickball isn't about being embarrassingly good at kickball.  Sometimes it's about being embarrassingly good looking!  Or, embarrassing yourself in public and owning it like a BAWS!  We love to celebrate the players that know how to go for the gold off the field as well as on it.  The real MVPs are the teams that are always making friends with the teams they play against, the night owls keeping the party going at the bar all night, the folks custom ordering team shooting sleeves, and champions that refuse to let a kickball loss get them down. So we honor you with free booze and we recognize the Party Champions with the TX Republic Life of the Party competition.

The top score each week will earn themselves a beer tower on WAKA's tab the following week! All season long, your team will have opportunities to earn Social Points that will count toward a running total, and the overall victors will be officially declared the TX-Republic Life of the Party Champions. 

Contest Rules

To enter the contest send your pictures to   Submissions must be posted by midnight on the Monday following the game that week. The team with the most points will be awarded a beer tower at Corner Bar the following Wednesday.  Points are awarded to the team that submits the photos.



  • 1 Point
    • Picture of teammates at the field or bar
  • 2 Points
    • Picture with at least 1 member of the opposing team at the field or bar (x2 if one player is being carried: piggyback ride, bodyguard style, over the shoulder, etc.)
    • Picture giving or receiving a kiss on the hand #WakaLove (x2 if not on the same team)
  • 3 Points
    • Picture of you or a teammate buying your ref a beer at Corner Bar
    • Picture of at least 5 people, 3 not on your team, at the the field or bar
    • Picture of "Pre-Gaming" with your team
  • 4 Points
    • Picture giving or receiving a kiss on the cheek #WakaLove (x2 if not on the same team)
    • Submitting an entry to the GMOT
  • 5 Points
    • Successful Photobomb*
    • Picture buying a player on another team a drink at Corner Bar
  • 6 Points
    • Picture giving or receiving a kiss on the lips #WakaLove (x2 if not on the same team)
    • Picture of "Pre-Gaming" with another team
  • 10 Points
    • Photo of the Week!

*No, you cannot photobomb your own team!