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Q- What is the cost?

A- The cost is $70 per person.  There are no team discounts, but corporate teams may make one payment for the whole team.

Q- What is included in the $70 registration fee?

A- You get at least 8 games of play, an official WAKA team t-shirt, 2 league parties and discounts on food and beverages at the league bar on game night.  The registration also goes towards things like the field rentals, field lighting fees, insurance fees and the full time employees at WAKA.

Q- How many players do I need to make a team?

A- You need a minimum of 18 players to make a full team.  The 18 players must consist of 9 males and 9 females.  If a team consists of 18-22 players, the team is subject to taking on free agents and small friend groups, but not to make the team exceed 22 players.  If you have 22 players before the deadline, you will not be subject to taking on free agents and small friend groups.  The maximum number of players for one team is 26.

Q- Do I need to have a full team to play?

A- Absolutely not!!  We take individuals (we call them "free agents") as well as friend groups.  If you are part of a friend group, you are guaranteed to play on the same team.

Q- Who officiates the games?

A- Teams must provide at least 1 players to line officiate games for other teams.  The head referees are assigned to each game.  The head referees are volunteers that are knowledgeable in WAKA and league rules.  The head and line referees for each game are listed on the main season schedule.

Q- What time does games start?

A- The first game(s) of the night start at 7pm.  Games usually last 45 minutes, so games are scheduled to start at 7pm, 7:45pm, 8:30pm and 9:15pm.  The number of games at any given time slot depends upon the number of teams playing the season.  Teams usually have a different start time every week and may play more than one game a night.

Q- When does registration open/close?

A- Registration usually opens about one month prior to the start of a season.  

Two to three weeks prior to the start date of the season, all full teams must have all of their players registered.  You are not considered a full team until you have the minimum number of players.  Free agents and friend groups are put together to form full teams at this time.  Shirts are ordered for all players registered at this point, also.  

If you have any other questions, email them to barian@kickball.com