TX Woodlands League Rules Addendum

All WAKA League Play and Tournament Play (Playoffs) rules will be followed with the following exceptions which will supercede any other WAKA rule:

1)  Personal Conduct Policy for TX Woodlands League...

a)  Any player asked to leave a game must leave the game and field within 5 minutes.  If that player does not leave the fields within 5 minutes, the team in which the ejected player plays will forfeit the game no matter what the score at the time of ejection.  The score shall be 5-0 in favor of the team what does not have the ejected player.

b)  Any player asked to leave a game will automatically be suspended from the league for a minimum of 1 game.  If a player is suspended 2 times during a season, the player will be ejected from the league for the remainder of the season.

c)  Any player who is asked to leave a game during the last week of the regular season will be suspended from ALL playoff games.

d)  Any player who intentionally destroys or steals a piece of WAKA property/equipment will automatically be asked to leave the game.  That person will also be monetarily responsible for any equipment replacements.  This player will also be suspended as stated above.

2) Overthrows, Balls Caught Out of Bounds and Team Sideline Restrictions

a)  The fence along the 1st and 3rd base foul lines designate Out of Bounds.  Any ball caught off the Out of Bounds fenceline or soccer goal net is not at out.

b)  All team players and equipment must stay 5 feet back from the line between Home and the foul lines at all times except for defensive players in the field, base runners and base coaches. c)  An overthrow is a ball thrown, kicked, or deflected into foul territory while making a defensive play toward a player or base.

3)  Only Team Captains may discuss calls with the Head Referee. 

Once a final decision is made, the Captains are expected to adhere and abide by that decision.  Any cursing or back talk after the final decision has been made by either a team captain or any players may result in that player being ejected from the game.

4)  There will be a 5 inning rule on all games during the regular season. 

All Regular Season games are to last exactly 5 Innings. During the Playoffs this will change to a 45 minute games, with every game starting no later than 15 minutes past the hour in which the games was scheduled to start. (example, 8pm game MUST start by 8:15). After the 15 minute period, either team unable to legally play (4 guys/ 4 girls) will forfeit the game. Every started inning MUST be completed. If time runs out while the Visiting Team is kicking, you MUST end the inning by allowing the Home Team thier chance to kick, unless the Home Team is winning after the Visiting Team has recieved 3 Outs.