Inclement Weather Policy

In the case of inclement weather (rain, snow, etc), the league will follow the following methodology:

If the forecast calls for any kind of precipitation, or if any kind of precipitation happens during the day of the games (and in some cases of heavy precipitation, the day prior to a game day as well), captains/players should call the Arlington County Inclement weather line (703-228-4715) for the latest information on field closures (this message is typically updated with info by 3:00-3:30pm each day and will be updated as needed after that if conditions change).

If the county has not closed the fields by 6:00pm on the night of game days, games will be played. One caveat to that: The league CSR reserves the right to cancel games at the field if the weather conditions worsen to an unplayable state.

If the county has closed the fields by 6:00pm on the night of game days (for whatever reason), games will be canceled. If this happens, an email from the league will be sent out to all players as early as possible. It is then the responsibility of team captains and players to make sure that info is spread to all players.

If you do not see an email from the league, or have not heard anything indicating that games are canceled, assume games are on and show up at the fields. The league CSR will be at the field on questionably weathered game nights until 7:15 pm to let people know if games are indeed on.

As a matter of WAKA Safety Policies: games will be called off if any lightning is seen in the area. For games stopped mid-way through, WAKA rules governing game play (see section 7 in the WAKA Rules posted here.)

When games are called off for whatever reason, the bar still has everything ready for us the same as nights we play. So if games are called off for whatever reason: make sure to go to the bar!!! On nights like that, players have a tendency to wear clothing a bit more interesting than simply wearing their kickball unis if you catch my meaning... :)