VA Battlefield

VA Battlefield League
Manassas, VA

Calling All Kickball Superstars Spring 2009!

  • Registration will reopen for the VA Battlefield league in spring of 2009. 
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Standings and Schedule

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While WAKA maintains Official Rules of the Game that all must adhere to, there are certain rules within this rulebook which come into play on the fields more than others. Accordingly we feel we should remind you of these rules so you may be better educated before decide to unleash your furious anger upon our referees. Remember, we're all in this for fun. It's a sixth grade sport after all, act like it!
  • What's up with strikes?
    Rule 1.02: "...The strike zone extends to 1 foot on either side of home plate and 1 foot high."
  • What's up with drinking?
    Rule 1.03: "...Alcohol is prohibited on the field unless expressly permitted by field regulations."
  • What's up with shirts?
    Rule 2.01: "Players must wear... WAKA athletic clothing designated for their use... [or] forfeit that game." While this may be the letter of the law we understand that often shirts may arrive late or that proper hygene is a priority to wearing dirty WAKA tees. Every effort must be made to wear a clean designated team shirt at every game but in the case that one is unavailable the common practice is that a player would receive a warning and should wear clothing of corresponding team color. Only the referees and board reserve the right to envoke the letter of rule 2.01
  • What's up with girls & boys?
    Rule 5.02: "...Teams must field a minimum of four players of each sex." We're serious and will enforce forfeitures but...
    Rule 5.03: "... The kicking lineup does not require a specific sex order." and...
    Rule 7.04: "Teams will be grated a 15 minute grace period.. and a 5 minute... for any subsequent..."
  • What's up with overhanded pitching?
    Rule 8.06: "...There are no restrictions on pitching style." but it must hit the ground at least once before the plate.

News and Announcements

Registration will reopen in Spring 2009!

League Board

League Representative
Troy Van Winkle

Vice President
Social Chair
Charity Chair
Head Referee and Equipment Chair
Newsletter Editor

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  • Help spend league funds!
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League Bar

To Be Determined for Spring 2009!

Are you a bar interested in hosting our WAKA kickball league?  Contact us!


To Be Determined for Spring 2009!

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