Dodgeball FAQ

WAKA Dodgeball FAQ
Q.  How many players do I need to start a team?
A. We will be playing 10 vs 10 player games with a minimum of 4 females on the court at all times. To build a team we suggest you have a team of at least 16 players with 6 females.

Q. How many “games” will be played during a “match”?
A. We will play best of 7 or for 50 minutes, whichever comes first. So, if one team wins 4 games before the 50 minute time limit is up, then the match is over. No new game will be started after 50 minutes of play however, so if no team has won 4 games then the final score of the match will be determined at the end of the current game.

Q. Is there a dodgeball uniform?
A. You will be provided with a WAKA shirt that must be worn to every game. You also must be wearing close-toed athletic shoes (cleats are not allowed).

Q. Who will referee the games?
A. Each team will be responsible for supplying referee’s from their team to help govern games during the times they are not playing. There will be one head ref and 2 side refs.

Q. What rulebook will we be using this season?
A. WAKA uses the National Amateur Dodgeball Association rulebook with a few modifications to accommodate a more fun and competitive game play style (most of which are highlighted above).

You can find that rule book here: